Titans: Geoff Johns Confirms Beast Boy For Live-Action Series

Geoff Johns announces that fan-favorite character Beast Boy will be joining the ranks of the recently announced Titans TV series.

DC Comics entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns has announced that Beast Boy will be featured in the upcoming Titans TV series. The show will be joining the returning Young Justice as part of DC’s new digital service platform expected to launch next year. Both series are expected to be the flagship programs to bring in viewers excited to see the resurrected animated series and the new live-action Titans.

Greg Berlanti -- known for bringing The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow to The CW -- will be an executive producer on the show, as well as Johns. Titans was greenlit several years ago and was set to feature the characters of Nightwing, Starfire, Conner Kent and Beast Boy among others, but those plans never came to fruition. How much of the roster will still be used from the original pitch is currently unknown -- especially in light of the Nightwing film announcement -- outside of Beast Boy’s involvement.

The character's inclusion isn’t a major surprise. Garfield Logan has been involved with multiple iterations of the Teen Titans since the early 80s. He has been an important facet in the Titans series since, even becoming something of a teacher to the new Titans as they came aboard.

Yes!! Very happy to be writing the Titans again and working with this crew! Extremely excited. Will be something very different... #BeastBoy

— Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) April 25, 2017

Beast Boy has seen a resurgence in popularity of late. He was a recurring character in season 2 of Young Justice and is expected to play an important role in the upcoming third season. Logan also played a large role in the recent animated adaptation of the classic Teen Titans: The Judas Contract story arc.

Despite his appearance, Beast Boy is the likely audience surrogate of the series. While more of a comedic character, he is also one of the more rational characters on the Teen Titans roster. Beyond that, he comes with a great deal of baggage -- his parents were members of the Doom Patrol and didn’t exactly want him around -- and his condition has often isolated him from most social circles. Given the youthful nature of the Teen Titans brand (as well as the generally youthful tone of Greg Berlanti’s DC work thus far), Logan’s story is one that younger fans will be able to identify with easily.

The fact the Johns is writing for the show is a good sign as well. Johns wrote the Teen Titans for several years in his time at DC. The run has been lauded as second only to the Wolfman/Perez one in the 80s. During his time on the book, Johns introduced dozens of characters and redefined many other for a new generation of fans to identify with. Given his penchant for the team along with Berlanti’s style, if done correctly, the Titans TV series can be a landmark for comics book adaptations.

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Source: Geoff Johns

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