Titans Season 1 Post-Credits Scene Explained: [SPOILER] Joins The DC Universe

The Titans season 1 finale post-credits scene introduces two comic book characters so we break down who they are and what they mean for season 2.

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MAJOR SPOILERS for the Titans season 1 finale ahead.

The Titans season 1 finale post-credits scene introduces comic book characters Superboy and Krypto to the DC Universe; here, we break down what the introduction of these heroes means for the already confirmed Titans season 2. Titans premiered on DC Universe earlier this year, concluding its 11-episode debut season with a dream reality showdown between Dick Grayson's Robin and Batman.

Titans season 1 slowly built to the arrival of Trigon, the evil entity and father of Rachel Roth aka. Raven, until he finally debuted in the penultimate episode. While Donna Troy and Kory Anders/Starfire were trapped outside, Dick ventured into the home of Trigon and Rachel's mother Angela. The Titans season 1 finale picked up in an alternate dream reality created by Trigon in order to manipulate Dick to give into his darkness so that he could be controlled by Trigon. How the episode ends has a major impact on the team made up of Dick, Rachel, Gar Logan aka. Beast Boy and Kory - not to mention the post-credits scene included at the very end of the episode.

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The Titans season 1 finale ended with Dick killing Batman in the dream reality and giving into Trigon's manipulations. With Raven and Dick both seemingly on Trigon's side by the end of the first season, thus splitting up their team, it remains to be seen what's in store for the heroes in Titans season 2. To further complicate matters, the Titans season 1 finale post-credits scene introduces the characters of Superboy and Krypto the dog, not to mention the organization known as Cadmus. Now, we break down what this post-credits scene means for Titans season 2.

What Happens In Titans' Post-Credits Scene

Titans Season 1 Finale Post-Credits Scene Cadmus Superboy

After the credits finish rolling, the screen cuts to black; crashing and screaming can be heard, and the words "Somewhere in Metropolis" appear on screen. The scene opens on security monitors, flashing the warning message "Subject 13 Offline," with a laboratory room in the background. As the camera focuses in on the room, the name Cadmus Laboratories becomes clear, and a naked man walks through the room, which is littered with injured and/or dead scientists. A broken stasis chamber can also be seen as the scene plays out.

The naked man approaches a scientist who's still alive and grabs him by the throat. The scientist pleads for his life (it's unclear if he lives). Next, the scene cuts to a massive set of doors opening for the naked man, who walks into the room where a dog is being kept in a clear cage with a glowing green bottom. The man rips the door off the cage off, and a shot of a tattoo on his upper arm can be seen - it's a barcode-like rendering of the Superman symbol. The camera then looks inside the dog's cage, and its eyes glow red. The scene concludes with the dog leaving the cage..

Based on the clues provided by this scene, it's clear the man in meant to be Superboy, while the dog is Krypto aka. Superdog, the faithful companion of Superman. But who exactly are these characters and what do they mean for the future of Titans?

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