Elasti-Woman Has A Meltdown In Doom Patrol Clip From Titans

Doom Patrol - Negative Man

DC Universe's flagship live-action show Titans will soon be joined by another series, Doom Patrol, and a clip from the next episode of Titans introduces this strange new team. The Doom Patrol's quirk is that they're a sort of superhero freak show, comprised of old-school cyborg Robotman, the stretchy Elasti-Woman, and Negative Man, who is so radioactive that he has to wear specially-designed bandages to protect the people around him.

Before the Doom Patrol spin off into their own show, they will make their debut in the next episode of Titans (appropriately titled "Doom Patrol") when Doom Patrol leader Dr. Niles Caulder is called upon to help save Raven. Promotional stills for the episode showed the Titans sharing a rather peculiar feast with Doom Patrol, and now we have our first look at that dinner in progress.

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DC Universe's news show DC Daily is available on YouTube and sometimes includes clips from upcoming DC movies and TV shows. The latest episode includes a short clip from "Doom Patrol" in which Elasti-Woman tries to sit down for a civilized dinner with the rest of the team, only for things to quickly go wrong. Check out the video below (you can jump to the 8:15 mark to watch the clip of Doom Patrol at dinner).

What's particularly bizarre about this dinner (aside from spaghetti being served in a Tonka truck) is that it's unclear whether any of the members of Doom Patrol present can actually eat it. Robotman is literally just a human brain inside a robot shell, and presumably doesn't have a digestive system. Negative Man's face is covered in bandages, though he appears to be either drinking or scenting a cup of tea through them. And, as the clip shows, Elasti-Woman's attempts to enjoy dinner result in her face bubbling and melting.

There's something darkly comic about the whole performance that shows great potential for Doom Patrol, as a show about a group of people who are misfits even among superheroes. We're looking forward to finding out more about the team - and about exactly what went wrong with Elasti-Woman's face - when the new episode of Titans drops later this week.

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Titans Episode 4, "Doom Patrol," will release on DC Universe on Friday 2 November.

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