Titans: Dick Grayson's Phone Easter Eggs Explained

Dick Grayson's cellphone just blew the Titans universe wide open. Here's every name and DC Easter Egg you missed in Robin's contact list!

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Titans

The first episode of Titans showed that there will be plenty of namedrops and DC Easter Eggs to look forward to - and in Episode 2, Dick Grayson's cellphone has revealed an entire wave of comic book connections and behind the scenes references.

Most fans will find it impossible to catch more than a handful, and that's definitely by design. Since the show has already teased Batman and Alfred's role in the Titans story, the scene fits with the version of Dick Grayson established in the premiere. Dick Grayson needs help, but he's not going to get it from Bruce Wayne... or any of the dozens of names he swipes through, either. Well, for now anyway.

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Knowing that Dick left Bruce Wayne for being too violent long before Titans actually begins, seeing Dick scroll to his name when in need of guidance - only to swipe back up to the other man at Wayne Manor he can trust, Alfred Pennyworth - continues the growing tension between Robin and his former mentor. We've taken the time to go frame-by-frame and identify the Contacts in Dick Grayson's phone, and identify the comic book stories and crew members being alluded to. No surprise, Jason Todd and Dick Grayson aren't too friendly.

Dick's Phone Contacts: DC Easter Eggs

Donna Troy - A no-brainer for any DC Comics fan, since the former Wonder Girl was one of the founding members of the Teen Titans in the comics. Thankfully, Donna Troy will appear played by Conor Leslie, though at what point in the story, and what kind of history she shares with Dick at this point is up to the writers.

Bruce WayneDuh.

Hank Hall - The civilian identity of Hawk, one of the first costumed vigilantes it seems Dick Grayson joined up with in dark alleys, with the "bad" kids.

Lucius Fox - Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight films made the Wayne Enterprises engineering genius a household name, so it's no surprise to find his name among Dick's Gotham contacts.

Dawn Granger - The civilian identity of Dove, although we get the sense that the digital history between Dick and Dawn may be a bit more exciting than his texts to Hank.

Bonnie Linseed - The name won't be caught by even devoted DC fans, since this Easter Egg is referencing a single issue of Batman '66 Meets Green Hornet. Described by Dick Grayson as "one of the most popular girls at Woodrow Roosevelt High!" the By Wonder only got a single date with her before his Robin duties pulled him away. The Titans show may not tie into the CW's Arrowverse, but this is officially a nod towards Bonnie's co-creator Kevin Smith, who has lent his directing talents to more than one episode thus far.

Lori Elton - One of the few DC women to truly claim to have been "Robin's girlfriend," Lori Elton proved to have a terrible attraction to the civilian identities of superhero heroes and villains. Sadly, Lori's life on Earth-One was written out of DC continuity with the Crisis on Infinite Earths, so it's nice to see she lives on... even if it is as a possible ex of Dick Grayson.

Michael Pearson - Dick Grayson fans won't have to go too far back to get this nod, since Michael made his first appearance in Issue #19 of the New 52 Nightwing comic. Dick crossed paths with him on an Internet renting site when he first moved to Chicago, and chose his apartment due to its proximity to Chicago's famous train system. We can't say if the Titans version of Dick is still dealing with the news photographer, but it's a cool nod to Dick's cross-country travel in the comics, just like the show.

Bridget Clancy - Going a bit farther back into Dick's history, Bridget was the superintendent of his first apartment building upon moving to Bludhaven. The Chuck Dixon/Scott McDaniel creation was actually moving towards becoming a romantic interest for Dick, but maintained a friendship through Dick's graduation from the Police Academy (presumably also in the show).

The Titans Team Behind-The-Scenes

Sara Mineo - We can't point to a DC character by this name, which makes it most likely that this contact is referring to the real world Sara Mineo, a seasoned editor with credits on Game of ThronesTorchwoodThe 100, and more (now who on the effects team is giving her the nod?).

Chloe Morris - Being an assistant to the Titans's showrunner has its benefits, propelling Chloe Morris into the DC Universe.

Adrian Sheepers - The name is less than common, so it's easy to connect this name-drop to the production coordinator of the same name. Adrian has plenty of Toronto-filmed credits, including Titans.

Tony Solomons - Is there an Editor who worked on Titans who DIDN'T get the honor of being one dial away from Dick Grayson?

Brendan Steacy - An easy catch, as the cinematographer of five episodes of the Titans series.

Camille Verschooris - This time it's the Production Manager of the first season of Titans getting a shout out from her coworkers.

Jenna Woolf - A member of the Titans writing team.

Brian Wessel - Not enough love is typically shown to the Editors of TV shows, but Brian Wessel's fellow film artists are doing their part.

Paris Keane - One of the Post-Production Assistants working with Warner Bros. is officially a character inside of the Titans universe.

Ricardo Elliott II - If the visual effects of these early Titans episodes has impressed you, then Ricardo is one of the visual effects artists deserving of some credit.

Robbie Hyne - While he may not be leading the conversations surrounding Titans as much as he has for his CW and Arrowverse creations, executive producer Greg Berlanti's executive assistant, Robbie Hyne gets his name into Grayson's cellphone - truly elite company.

Brandon Hwang - Another assistant editor from the Titans team is immortalized on-screen.

Sk Nguyen - While Nguyen isn't credited for work on Titans, the sheer number of visual effects artists contributing to Titans, and the name make this a specific call-out.

Christiana Hooks - The co-producer credited for the Titans pilot episode.

Jennifer Judge - We're going to make an educated guess that this being the name of Queen of the South's Editor is no coincidence, considering the overlap in professional connections between the Titans Editor team.

Tirsa Hackshaw - The veteran Editor of superhero stories including Jessica JonesThe PunisherLuke Cage, and all the way back to No Ordinary Family is shown some love, having edited both the pilot episode, and this one.

Tom Flores - Having worked as Post-Production Supervisor for over forty episodes of Smallville, seeing that Tom Flores is involved in the Titans family is hardly a surprise.

Maitland Austin-Olsen - Beats us, most likely bet is Maitland has somebody to thank for thrusting him into the world of Robin and the Teen Titans.


There you have it, Titans fans. We'll continue our work to pin down the last remaining names that are too blurred or obscured, or the references we've yet to uncover. For now, the DC Comics fans (and the family and friends of those working on Titans) have some frame-scrubbing to do!

Titans releases new episodes on Fridays through DC Universe, streamed to Netflix in international territories soon after.

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