DC's Titans: 9 Big Questions After Episode 5

The fifth episode of Titans finally sees the team come together - and introduced Jason Todd as the new Robin! But what myseries are still unresolved?

The fifth episode of DC Universe's Titans series, 'Together', finally saw the team begin to bond - but how will they handle one another's deepest, darkest secrets? It also dropped some more tantalizing hints about Raven's enemies - who may be even more formidable than we had previously been guessed.

Titans is definitely a slow-burn series, in that we're five episodes in before a traditional Teen Titans training montage in which the heroes learn one another's powers. Naturally, Dick Grayson chooses to remain secretive, but the return of the ill-fated Nuclear Family forces him to suit up. The rest of the Titans watch in awe as he tears the villains apart, and only gradually remember they're supposed to be fighting back as well. By the end of the episode, though, there's not one Robin but two - as Jason Todd, Dick's successor, unexpectedly turns up in Chicago.

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Why didn't Dick know about this new Robin, and why isn't Jason Todd in Gotham? Does Doctor Adamson work for Trigon, as seems to be hinted in 'Together'? And just what would Dick have said if Garth admitted he's eaten people while in tiger form? It's time to look at all this week's unanswered questions.

9. What Was With The Chicken's Egg?

'Together' began in a very strange way, with Doctor Adamson breaking an egg - and discovered a chicken embryo inside it. While it's not uncommon to find spots of blood in organic eggs, it's far more unusual to find a chicken embryo, as store-bought eggs aren't fertilized. Titans made quite a big deal of Doctor Adamson's discovery, complete with sinister music, although it's not entirely clear why. Given Adamson's motto about being unable to make an omelette without breaking eggs, it may have been intended to foreshadow his fate. Either way, it was creepy and gross.

8. What Would Dick Have Done If Beast Boy Said He Ate People?

The training sequence in this week's episode of Titans is tremendous, and it's great to see the team begin to trust one another. Beast Boy's transformation into a tiger is largely played for laughs at first, particularly given his embarrassment because he has to strip off before shapeshifting for fear of ruining his favorite jacket. But the Titans are nonetheless impressed when a bright green tiger emerges from the shadows, slinking towards them. When the demonstration is over, Dick - clearly fascinated by the question of whether Beast Boy loses himself in his animal form - asks if he's ever eaten anyone. It's amusing to wonder just what Robin would have done if Beast Boy answered "Yes."

7. How Familiar is Dick Grayson With Metahumans?

DC Universe Titans Doom Patrol Beast Boy Robotman Elastic-Girl Negative Man

As exciting as it to see the Titans demonstrate their powers to one another, there's something very strange about Dick's reaction to it. On the one hand, he seems to have worked with metahumans before, and adapts his "combat training" to suit the Titans with ease. On the other, though, he seems absolutely mesmerized by the power sets on display, watching Starfire's Starbolts with wide-eyed wonder, and expressing incredulity when he realizes Beast Boy needs to strip for fear of shredding his clothes. This seems at odds with the fact that Titans takes place in a world where Batman has been an active vigilante for quite some time, and there's already been a hint that Superman exists in some form.

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