How To Watch DC's Titans (And When New Episodes Release)

Robin in Titans and DC Universe

How do you watch DC's new TV show Titans, and when do new episodes drop on DC Universe? There's still some confusion about how DC are handling the streaming series. Part of this stems from an advertising campaign that promotes the show more than the DC Universe streaming service that hosts it and part of it stems from a lack of information regarding the program's release outside of the United States. Even those who already subscribe to DC Universe are confused as to precisely what time the new episodes are being made available.

Based on the Teen Titans comic series, Titans offers a more mature and often times dark perspective on the classic characters most audiences know from Teen Titans Go! The plot of the first two episodes largely focuses upon Rachel Roth - a teenage girl who has strange dreams and can sense the emotions of people around her. Following her mother's murder, Rachel comes into contact with Dick Grayson, a police detective whom she recognizes from her dreams. This revelation and the fact that people are trying to kidnap Rachel is enough to inspire Dick to place the girl under his protection, as they begin to search for answers regarding the strange power inside of her.

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In the United States, Titans is only available through the DC Universe streaming service.  The show premiered on October 12, 2018 and will be releasing one new episode every week on Fridays. This is a marked difference from most streaming services, which do not adhere to a typical broadcast network release schedule and release all the episodes of a new series all at once.

The first episode of Titans was released in the middle of the day but it appears that DC Universe is now releasing the new episodes early in the morning, in much the same way that Netflix releases their new series shortly after midnight PST/3am EST. Those who wish to give Titans a try before signing up for a subscription can take advantage of a one-week free trial of DC Universe. A subscription costs $7.99 per month, with an annual subscription costing $74.99.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear precisely when Titans will be available to fans outside of the United States. Netflix has secured the rights to air Titans internationally but has yet to announce a release date. It is suspected that Netflix may be waiting until the entire series has been aired on DC Universe to release it all in one go sometime in December. This would be in keeping with Netflix's standard practices, though the service has released new series on a weekly basis internationally before, such as with CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery, The CW's Riverdale and AMC's Better Call Saul.

Either way, it seems that Titans fans outside of the United States are in for a long wait - both for Netflix announcing an official release date and for DC Universe to become available outside of the United States. The company is apparently working on a Canadian version of the DC Universe app, but details are few and far between. It is also unknown if Titans or the other DC Universe original series might ever be made available for digital download or released on DVD and Blu-Ray through Warner Archive.

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