DC's Titans Still Doesn't Have A Real Villain - Who Is It?

WARNING: Spoilers for the first three episodes of Titans.

After three episodes, it is still unclear just who the ultimate villain of the first season of Titans is meant to be. Given the focus on Rachel Roth (a.k.a. the girl who will become Raven), it seems safe to assume that the demon Trigon will ultimately be revealed as the chief villain of the season's storyline. Yet while hints have been dropped about Raven's father and a prophecy involving her birth, no one has dropped the name of Big Red just yet and there are other villainous players who have had a much more prominent role in the events so far.

DC Universe's first live-action series opened with Rachel having dreams about a boy in a circus who lost his parents. After her mother died at the hands of a man who said he needed to kill Rachel to save the world, Rachel ran into Dick Grayson - a cop from Detroit, whom she recognized as the boy in her dreams all-grown-up. After a shadowy form of Rachel who speaks to her through mirrors saved her from her would-be killer, Dick tried taking Rachel to his old friends Hank and Dawn (a.k.a. the vigilantes Hawk and Dove) hoping they could protect Rachel while he investigated her mother's death. Unfortunately, a mysterious quartet of assassins called The Nuclear Family abducted Rachel, only for her to be rescued by Kory Anders - a woman with amnesia, who has been trying to find Rachel for several months, for reasons she can't recall.

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Ignoring the presumed eventual arrival of Trigon (which has been long-rumored), there are several unidentified villainous players - none of which have been explicitly tied to any sort of "big bad" yet. First, there is The Acolyte - the man who tried to kill Rachel to save the world, who seems to be part of some religious sect determined to prevent the coming of Raven's father by any means necessary. He may be affiliated with the nuns at St. Paul's Church, who raised Rachel as a young girl and attempted to seal her up in the basement of the convent. Then there is the mysterious group that employs The Nuclear Family, who seem to want to get their hands on Rachel to facilitate Trigon's arrival.

Titans The Nuclear Family

The involvement of Kory Anders raises several questions on its own. Kory seems to be unaffiliated with any of the previous groups, though she did speak to the nuns at St. Paul's at one point and the power behind The Nuclear Family is aware of her existence. There may also be a third player who is responsible for Kory Anders' amnesia - perhaps her original employer, who feared that she knew too much?

It should be noted that the next episode of Titans will feature the first appearance of actor Seamus Dever.  It has been said that Dever will hold a major role in the series, but that role has yet to be identified. Early reports suggested that he would be playing Trigon, but that has yet to be confirmed and his role is still listed as unknown on IMDB.

Whether the season is leading to a big Trigon reveal, the true villain is actually a collection of shadowy forces, or some as yet unseen twist isn't clear, but 3 episodes in and it's hard to know exactly what the antagonizing force is in Titans. Hopefully, answers will finally be forthcoming in Titans' fourth episode, one way or the other.

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