Titans Season 2 Casts Game Of Thrones' Iain Glen As Bruce Wayne

Titans season 2 casts Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) as Bruce Wayne, indicating Dick Grayson aka. Robin's mentor, Batman, will be making an appearance.

Batman and Robin on Titans

DC Universe's Titans season 2 casts Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) as Bruce Wayne aka. Batman. Titans season 1 introduced fans of the DC Comics to a mature live-action take on the Teen Titans team. At the center of the team was Dick Grayson aka. Robin (Brenton Thwaites), who had left his life as Batman's sidekick behind in favor of being a police detective in Detroit. However, he wasn't able to give up the superheroics entirely, and eventually ran across Rachel Roth aka. Raven (Teagan Croft), who needed his help. The pair formed a found family of sorts with Kory Anders aka. Starfire (Anna Diop) and Gar Logan aka. Beast Boy (Ryan Potter).

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The Titans season 1 finale centered on Dick dealing with his lingering trauma and guilt from being raised by Bruce Wayne to become a ruthless killer and masked vigilante. However, Bruce Wayne never actually showed his face in Titans season 1, though he did appear from behind or with his face obscured a few times in certain episodes. It seems that won't be the case for Titans season 2, with the DC Universe original TV show officially casting the Dark Knight.

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DC Universe confirmed Titans has cast Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne, a recurring role in season 2. The news arrives just a week after Curran Walters, who portrayed fellow Bat-family member Jason Todd in season 1, was promoted to a series regular role for season 2. Now it appears there will be plenty of Bat-family antics in season 2 with Bruce Wayne finally officially appearing. Here's a description of the character from the show's producers:

After decades of fighting crime as Batman, billionaire Bruce Wayne is just as driven to protect Gotham from evil as he was in his prime. Needing to reconcile his relationship with Dick Grayson, the duo hope to forge a new dynamic as Bruce tries to help his former sidekick and the Titans achieve success.

Iain Glen in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

Glen is one of many new cast members joining Titans season 2. After the Titans season 1 finale post-credits scene teased his arrival, Joshua Orpin joined as Conner Kent aka. Superboy - Krypto the Superdog was also teased and is expected to appear. Further, Esai Morales was cast as Slade Wilson aka. Deathstroke, while the villain's two children also joined the series with Chella Man as Joseph Wilson aka. Jericho and Chelsea T. Zhang as Rose Wilson aka. Ravager. So there will be plenty of new superheroes and villains in the mix for Titans season 2.

However, first Titans must deal with the events of the season 1 finale, which saw Dick succumb to Trigon's manipulation. The series' showrunner admitted the original finale became the Titans season 2 premiere through reshoots, so the cliffhanger ending will no doubt be addressed in the first episode of the new season. Whether Trigon is defeated quickly and Deathstroke becomes the main villain of season 2 or the Titans will be forced to face both villains throughout season 2 remains to be seen. But either way, the Titans team will have some help from Dick's former mentor, Bruce Wayne, and fans will finally get to see the show's take on the iconic character, as portrayed by Glen.

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Titans season 2 premieres Fall 2019 on DC Universe.

Source: DC Universe

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