Brenton Thwaites' Robin Becomes Nightwing In DC's Titans Fan Art

Titans Robin and Nightwing

New fan art graduates Titans' Brenton Thwaites from Robin to Nightwing. DC's streaming service, DC Universe is set to launch later this year, and one of the first series will focus on DC's team of teenage superheroes led by Batman's sidekick Robin. DC first introduced this version of Robin late last year through a first look photo, and recently released a more complete picture of the full costume.

As fans know, the first person to wear the Robin mantle, Dick Grayson, worked alongside Batman while leading the original Teen Titans. He eventually outgrew the first role and moved on to become his own hero outside the shadow of the bat. With Thwaites playing Grayson, fans have already begun to speculate on how far the character will go. Nightwing has built a sizable fan base of his own in comics, animation, and video games in the decades since his creation.

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Posted on Instagram by user gothambatgram (though they weren't the one who created it), this new piece of fan art keeps most of the original photo intact. The artist has not been identified, but they've replaced the muted red and green of Robin with the bright blue insignia of Nightwing. They've also added the hero's signature escrima sticks and whitened-out the eyes on his mask. Behind him, Gotham (or maybe Bludhaven?) stands awash in a blue haze.  While the changes are subtle, they're also striking.

DC is positioning Titans as the flagship of their new streaming service. While it won't be part of the cinematic universe, it does seem that DC has chosen to go with a darker, more mature approach to the young heroes. Alongside Thwaites' Robin, DC has also released images of Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly). All three drop the spandex associated with their comic book counterparts in favor of the kind of tactical gear featured in Rocksteady's Arkham video game series.

Along with Grayson's appearance in Titans, DC also has a solo Nightwing movie in production under the direction of Chris McKay. DC has been wary of having the same characters appear on TV and the movies at the same time, with the Flash being a notable exception. Between that and giving the new series time to find an audience, it's unlikely that we'll see Thwaites change outfits on the show any time soon. Thanks to social media and some talented artists, though, at least we can imagine what it might look like.

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Source: gothambatgram

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