Titans: Beast Boy Actor Audition Tapes Surface

A big batch of audition tapes for the role of Beast Boy in DC's Titans TV series offer clues to the character's updated origin.

Beast Boy

A new batch of audition tapes for Titans has arrived online, showcasing the actors trying out for the role of Beast Boy in the upcoming DC TV series. After years of a live-action Teen Titans/Titans TV show being in development at TNT (before it was ultimately dropped), the live-action Titans is now instead set to debut on DC's exclusive streaming service alongside the long-awaited third season of Young Justice. Though Titans has yet to begin filming in full, the show has assemble much of its cast at this stage.

Titans lead Dick Grayson is being played by Brenton Thwaites. Backing him up will be Teagan Croft as Raven and Anna Diop as Starfire, while the superhero team of Hawk and Dove is being brought to life on the show by Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly, respectively. So far, the cast is a mix of TV veterans and relative newcomers, but there's still one more major role left to fill: Beast Boy. Now, however, we know of at least some of the actors who are in the running for the part.

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Omega Underground has gotten ahold of several audition tapes for Titans, with most of them focusing on auditions for Beast Boy. Among the hopeful actors are Nathan Policarpio, Oliver Adkins, Diego Josef, Zach Heto, and Louis Le. Everyone of them are relative newcomers outside of Josef, who's tackle a number of TV shows and small movies, including a stint on Amazon's Goliath. You can watch a couple of those audition tapes below (for the rest, head over to Omega Underground).

Policarpio is definitely on the older end of the spectrum for Beast Boy, seeing as the character is typically the youngest of the Titans. His audition tape focuses on the character's origins in the show, suggesting that Titans should carryover Beast Boy's traditional backstory. Along with the Beast Boy auditions, there are also tapes for characters like Dale, Molly, and Amy. As Garfield is referred to as Jax, any of these names could be covers, but they offer the tapes offer a bit of insight into the series nonetheless.

On top of the many heroes who will populate the show, it has been reported (but not yet confirmed) that DC Comics villain the Acolyte will serve as the chief foe in Titans. He will presumably be joined by a number of other antagonists from the world of DC Comics, as Titans aims to dig deep into the mythology of its comic book source material.

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Titans debuts on DC's streaming service in 2018.

Source: Omega Underground

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