The Batmobile of DC's TITANS Universe Revealed

Warning: SPOILERS for Titans Episode 6

The chances of seeing Batman appear in DC's Titans TV show are still a mystery, but viewers have just gotten the next best thing. The Dark Knight is still keeping his distance from Dick Grayson, but the Titans version of The Batmobile has finally been revealed.

The vehicle isn't being used in place of Batman, or even to suggest that he's following Dick Grayson, the former Robin, and his mission to prevent "Hell on Earth." In fact, his new sidekick Jason Todd makes it clear that his team-up with Grayson is his own idea. But when the boy's arrival stirs up memories of Dick's past, his flashback into the Batcave gives the very first glimpses of the newest Batmobile to join DC's Universe.

The Batmobile Joins The Titans Universe

The makers of the show clearly know just how much fans will flip with the introduction of a new Batmobile - indeed, it's one design that is guaranteed to turn heads whenever adapted to a movie or TV show. And with Episode 6 of Titans, "Jason Todd," the DC Universe series provides more than one tantalizing look at the sleek lines of their own design. Especially when compared to the version fans have recently got in both Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, and Zack Snyder's own creation in Batman v Superman.

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Where those designs favored brute strength, resilience, and utility to match their more bruised-and-bloodied Batmen, the makers of Titans have taken a very... different path. Which may come as a surprise, considering this version of Robin is rougher than even Affleck's Batman. To be fair, that's judging Dick Grayson solely on how he's been acting after leaving the Robin and Batman names behind. When he was still operating at Batman's side - like when this flashback is set - perhaps his fighting style (and morality) were as polished and perfected as Batman's own signature vehicle.


That theory might actually be just what the makers of the series intend, too. When Dick Grayson showed up in his Robin outfit, embedding his 'R' insignia into flesh, stabbing throats, and presumably castrating would-be torturers, fans made a simple assumption. If this is how the Titans universe treats Robin, then this must also be how Batman is shaped, as well. And given how Dick has referred to Batman's willingness to kill as the thing that drove him away, the evidence supported that theory. But now that his Batcave and Batmobile have been introduced, we have to ask: have we gotten the Titans version of Bruce Wayne all wrong?

We'll have to wait until the show actually shows Batman or Bruce Wayne to make that call, but for now, the newest Batmobile has the spotlight. Especially for fans eager to see how this new design pays homage to past versions - fusing old and new together into a new generation of Batmobile.

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