DC's Titans TV Show Set Photo Reveals The Bat Signal

The latest set photo from DC's Titans TV show has revealed the Bat signal. It's increasingly clear that the upcoming series will be heavily influenced by the Batman mythos.

Set to air on the upcoming DC Universe streaming service, Titans is a live-action series starring Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, and Ryan Potter as Beast Boy. The plot is still under wraps, although a range of secondary characters have been confirmed, including Curran Walters as Jason Todd, Hawk and Dove (with an eye for the duo getting a spinoff), and even reportedly Wonder Girl.

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Talent scout Carolyn Rohaly had the opportunity to visit the set of the Titans series, and shared one fantastic snap on social media. To the delight of fans, it features the Bat signal.

Although the confirmed cast includes a number of members of the Bat-family, this is another indication the series will actually explore Gotham City. It's possible other Bat-related characters will appear too, perhaps even members of the Dark Knight's rogues' gallery. One major possibility is Deathstroke, a mercenary who played a major role in several of the Titans' most famous stories. Deathstroke made his DC Film debut in last year's Justice League, but there has been no mention of further plans for the assassin.

Warner Bros. recently began a marketing push for the still-mysterious DC Universe streaming service that suggests the service will launch later this year, presumably with all the live-action and animated shows - including Titans - available pretty much straightaway. Fans are eager to learn more about DC's digital offerings, which could include everything from a library of DC superhero movies to a possible digital catalogue of the comics. DC Comics's main rival, Marvel, has until recently been ahead of the game when it comes to digital copies of the comics, so it would certainly be exciting to see DC catch up.

The first-ever live-action Titans series is sure to be one of the streaming service's highlights, along with the much-demanded third season of Young Justice. Equally exciting is an animated Harley Quinn series, inspired by the character who Jim Lee has described as the "fourth pillar" of the DC universe, alongside Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The live-action Metropolis series, a Superman prequel concept that raised a few eyebrows, is currently believed to have been delayed.

With the live-action series clearly progressing well, it can't be long before we have more information about the DC Universe streaming service - hopefully including a sense of the full content list.

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Titans is expected to premiere on DC Universe later this year.

Source: Carolyn Rohaly/Twitter

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