Titans: 10 Memes That Will Crack Fans Up

With Titans still going strong on DC Universe, here are 10 hilarious memes that loyal fans will crack up at.

Titans became the first original series for DC Universe when the DC branded streaming service kicked off. Based on the Teen Titans franchise, the characters have finally made it to the world of live-action as we follow several young heroes from DC Comics. Currently, in its second season, the story is following the Titans being rebooted to start the next generation of the group. Following the end of the first incarnation of the team, the show is going deeper into the mythology of the famous league of young superheroes. Even though season two has yet to finish, a third season is officially happening and is set to premiere in fall 2020.

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Given how big the Teen Titans fandom is, it is no surprise that this show has a major fan following. With two seasons now under its belt, it has allowed a lot of fans to bring memes and fan-art to life as part of the experience. Many might go a bit after the show’s darker tendencies which are funny to a degree. With that said, these are ten hilarious Titans memes that will have loyal fans cracking up.

10 Robin’s Evolution

If you have ever heard “This ain’t your granddad’s Robin”, then it’s most likely because of the Titans context. While Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) is doing what he can to fight that darkness inside of him, it’s kind of hilarious how gritty this show has made their version of Robin.

Compared to all the other versions of him (from live-action to animation), this is a big change from those incarnations. This meme is a treasure for showing us Robin back in the 1960s compared to what we have today.

9 Friendzoned Forever

Despite this being his live-action debut, Garth (Drew Van Acker) a.k.a. Aqualad had the worst luck in season two. Through a series of flashbacks, we discover that he, while getting closer to Donna Troy (Conor Leslie), was murdered by Deathstroke (Esai Morales).

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As tragic as his death was, this meme adds some unintentional comedy to it. He was finally getting out of the friendzone before Slade just knocked him into a grave instead and that’s brutal, to say the least.

8 Protecting Gar

A major fan-favorite both in the comics, other media and on this show is Gar Logan (Ryan Potter) a.k.a. Beast Boy. With the big witty heart that he has and the charming personality, there is no way you can ever hate Gar.

He is the ideal hero and yet if he ever screws up, the Titans aren’t always the nicest on him. That’s why this meme sums up Gar’s personal squad keeping him from ever being craped on.

7 Dropping the Truth

Kory Anders (Anna Diop) a.k.a. Starfire is another major member on the team, based on comic history. But despite the fan-favorite heroine being as famous as she is, the show has had a way to screw her over a bit when it comes to giving her the right amount of focus for her own storylines.

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Even an episode title “Koriand’r” back in the first season was messed with. While it had several moments for her, it was yet another Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) episode. Even this season Kory has been on and off again with her storyline as the show focuses on the many members that now exist.

6 Dawn’s Parenting Skills

Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) couldn’t be more different from one another even if they tried. But maybe that’s why they work so well as a duo or worked given their recent break-up.

What was so funny when they first met Rachel is how they demonstrated quickly their different reactions to having a teenager around. Dove is considerate, collected, and naturally motherly which is why this meme hits the point right on.

5 Hank’s Parenting Skills

While Dove is fit to be a parent, maybe the same can’t be said for Hawk at least for the time being. This meme is pretty much a reenactment of how he reacted when finding out Rachel and Dick had come to them for protection.

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What’s even funnier is that it almost seemed like he couldn’t wrap his mind around there being a kid in their apartment. If the thought “What is a kid?” floated around in his mind at that point, we wouldn’t be shocked.

4 Slade Got the Last Laugh

Jason Todd (Curran Walters) has had a rough second season, literally. Acting as the second Robin after Dick gave up the mantle, the new Boy Wonder has had a hunger of doing things his own way.

When Doctor Light (Michael Mosley) was back and causing problems, Jason ended up clashing with him. While he did defeat him, this meme is an instant reminder of how wrong he was. We would bet money on Slade actually biting his lips from not cracking a laugh at Jason when he was so proud of defeating Arthur.

3 Donna Troy’s Instant Love

Season one had one of the best debuts for one of their strongest fan-favorites and that is Donna Troy a.k.a. Wonder Girl. Debuting in the episode titled after her, social media and reviews were insanely positive about her amazing performance and it was clear that people wanted more of Donna.

This meme is a perfect demonstration of how, even before the episode was over, people were here to invest in Donna in the long run. Now she is thankfully a series regular on the show.

2 Quickest Disband Ever

Season two was supposed to be about a rebirth of the Titans. Following the disbandment of the first team, you would think things would go better the second time around. But sadly, Dick caused quite the fire when revealing to the whole team the role he played in getting Slade’s son Jericho, killed.

Through this meme, it is just a hilarious but also a constant reminder of how wrong things ended up so quickly for the revived team.

1 Brotherly Boy Wonders

It should come as no surprise that Dick and Jason have, in their own way, a brotherly relationship. They definitely argue as much as two siblings would in real life. Surely, without even having said it, they do care for one another.

But that doesn’t take away from the pure joy of this meme as this mimics real life so well. After having a showdown, they try to act as if they never had a fight when their parents decide to check-in.

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