Rose's Handprint Is Still Visible On Titanic Car Window Decades Later

Titanic director James Cameron has revealed Rose’s handprint from the film’s infamous love scene is still visible on the car window. In the 1990s, Cameron was well known for high-octane blockbusters like Aliens and True Lies, but his joint fascination with deep sea exploration and the Titanic led him on his most ambitious project to date. He’s since admitted part of his reason for developing Titanic as a movie was to get the studio to fund his dives down to the wreckage of the ship.

While Cameron had tackled a tragic love previously in The Terminator, he was primarily known as an action director, so Titanic was considered something of a risk at the time. It didn’t help the production was a famously troubled one, with the project going over budget and over schedule. Stories emerged from the set about Cameron’s legendary temper too, and critics were predicting the film would be a disaster for 20th Century Fox. It proved to be quite the opposite because due to Titanic's genuinely sweet love story and groundbreaking effects, it went on to become the highest grossing film in history up to that point.

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Titanic would go on to sweep the 1998 Academy Awards by nabbing 11 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for Cameron. The film also made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet into instant movie stars. The film was considered somewhat racy for a PG-13 movie back in 1997, including scenes like Winslet’s nude life drawing and another scene where Jack and Rose make love (offscreen) in a car. Now Cameron has revealed on Twitter that Rose’s handprint is still visible on the car window over 20 years after the scene was shot.

Cameron has been more active on social media in recent times, including promoting Alita: Battle Angel, which he co-wrote and produced with Robert Rodriguez directing. He also occasionally posts fun, archival pieces such as the handprint reveal. Cameron will reunite with Winslet for the first time since Titanic for Avatar 2, which will introduce the underwater tribes of Pandora. Avatar was another pet project for the filmmaker, with critics once again predicting it would be a big budget bomb, only to outgross Titanic at the worldwide box office. It feels unlikely any of the upcoming Avatars sequels will match that incredible feat, but considering this is Cameron, it would be wise not to rule this out either.

While a sequel to Titanic is quite unlikely, Cameron is returning to produce Tim Miller’s Terminator 6, which also sees the return of Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor. Cameron also recently hinted he could be returning to another famous franchise, suggesting he’s trying to convince Neill Blomkamp to resurrect his Alien 5 concept.

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