Celine Dion Thinks Jack Was Too Frozen To Save Himself In Titanic

Celine Dion went on The Tonight Show and defended both Jack and Rose, but also said Jack didn't need an invitation to climb aboard the infamous door.

Titanic Door

Celine Dion, singer of Titanic's iconic theme song My Heart Will Go On, has finally weighed in on the long-running door controversy surrounding the film's ending. Fans of the movie remember vividly when, at the end of James Cameron's Oscar-winning picture, Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack froze to death while clinging to the hands of the love of his life, Rose (played by Kate Winslet) as she lay next to him on a floating door many have argued was large enough for both of them.

Whether or not Jack could have been saved is a topic which has been under much scrutiny by both fans of the series and math enthusiasts, with even Mythbusters once basing one of their patented ridiculous tests on the subject. Leonardo DiCaprio has himself pretty much ignored fan questions about the door situation in the past, although he did give a rather awkward interview during the promotion of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood where DiCaprio responded "no comment" in a very telling manner numerous times whenever the question of the door was brought up.

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Now, the films' most famous musician has finally weighed in on the subject. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and relayed by their Twitter account, when asked about the internet-wide door controversy the Canadian singer responded "He doesn't need an invitation! Come on, baby, make yourself comfortable!" Although leery of offering a definite opinion one way or the other, giving the justification "What if they want to do a Titanic 2," Dion tried hard not to place blame on any one side.

"Rose is maybe dead or totally frozen and she's not quite there," Celine Dion said, following up with statements suggesting Jack entire body was "too frozen for him to jump" onto the door at all. With a recent 20th anniversary theatrical re-release just a few years ago, this once-buried door controversy has resurfaced once again, likely due to new many younger fans seeing the film for the first time.

Titanic is not only one of DiCaprio's best films, it's one of the best romance stories of all time. Although the chances for a sequel are quite slim, since director James Cameron is fully engrossed in his multitude of upcoming Avatar sequels and, well, there has only been the one Titanic ship crash (so far) it's nice to know fans still would rather Jack have lived as opposed to disappearing into the deep blue sea at the end of the film. Maybe DiCaprio's character will finally get the justice he deserves in the upcoming Titanic mobile game... although probably not.

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