• Titanfall fans are going to have to wait a little longer this year for a franchise addition thanks to... Apex Legends? 1 / 8

  • That's right: Respawn has announced that it's diverting resources from Titanfall to give Apex Legends better support. 2 / 8

    vertical apex legends l-star gun leak
  • What this means is that future Titanfall titles are currently on hold as Respawn prioritizes Apex Legends and its new Star Wars acquisition. 3 / 8

    vertical apex legends popularity
  • Drew McCoy, lead producer at Respawn, has mentioned that all plans for future Titanfall games have been delayed. 4 / 8

    Apex Legends Hi Res Character Vertical
  • With Apex Legends flagging in popularity on multiple fronts, should Respawn be refocusing on it or pivoting to Titanfall? 5 / 8

    vertical titanfall delay
  • Titanfall's fan base has been around for a lot longer than Apex Legends', and the community has been eagerly awaiting a new release. 6 / 8

    vertical titanfall delay
  • Whether Respawn choosing to focus on Apex Legends instead is going to pay off is anyone's guess. 7 / 8

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