Titanfall 2 Trailer: Sword Fight as the Ronin Titan

Titanfall 2 Ronin Trailer

Titanfall was one of the Xbox One's few exclusive killer apps when the current console war generation kicked off. While the online-only multiplayer first person shooter had a relatively short time in the sun, its blend of parkouring space marines and mech combat left a good impression. Two years later, Titanfall 2 is on the way to PC, Xbox One, and PS4, with an all new single player campaign to flesh out the universe that was hinted at in the multiplayer of the original. The world got its first in-depth look at the game during EA's E3 presentation this week.

Of course, before we got these details, we got a teaser with an escape pod, a voice over about heroism, and a titan with a big old sword. Since sword combat wasn't a feature of the first game, fans were left wondering how these might be integrated into Titanfall 2's gameplay.

Well wonder no more, because Respawn Entertainment officially unveiled the half samurai, half robo-snuggie Ronin via their Titanfall Twitter account. The video demonstrates many of Ronin's capabilities. Take a look:

That sword you were so excited about? Here's who wields it. Meet Ronin. #Titanfall2 #MixArcade

— Titanfall (@Titanfallgame) June 15, 2016

It's unclear whether or not Ronin will play similarly to the veteran vanguard titan from the single player campaign, but if the teaser trailer is to be believed, they will at least both share the killer sword for making "arc waves" and blocking incoming shots. Between this and the addition of grappling hooks for the pilots, combat seems to only be getting crazier in Titanfall 2's multiplayer mode.

When Respawn discussed the creation of the original game, they set out to make something that wasn't simply "retreading old ground," and emphasized the importance of "scale, verticality, and story" in creating a unique multiplayer experience. While the story of the original was derided for being cliché and shallow, it seems like they're using the grappling hooks and single player mode to focus and enhance all the goals of the original.

With its expansion onto the PS4's ecosystem, and appeal to gamers who prefer a lone-wolf experience, the Titanfall franchise may be about to explode in a big way. While it now has the likes of Overwatch, Battlefield 1, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to compete with in the multiplayer scene, it's doubtful that any other game will quite replicate the experience of diving in and out of a giant mech while under fire that Respawn has mastered.

Titanfall 2 will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 28th, 2016.

Source: Twitter

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