Titanfall 2, as fans of the ever popular Xbox One launch title are already undoubtedly well aware, is currently slated to release sometime before March 2017, and is currently being marketed to feature an actual single-player story campaign this time around. The first game, which saw release back in March 2014, offered first-person-shooter enthusiasts a novel science-fiction inspired world to explore, wherein gamers took control of giant mech-style Titans in six-on-six fighting matches  set against a series of war torn interstellar colonies.

Video game developer Respawn Entertainment has already announced that they are currently working on a series of mobile spinoff games in addition to a potential Titanfall television series, but the latest news regarding their multi-platform followup might just have players returning to the mechanized playing field even sooner than they might have anticipated.

According to Polygon, Respawn might be gearing up for a Winter 2016 release of Titanfall 2, based on the confirmed news that McFarlane Toys will be unveiling an original line of action figures based on the forthcoming video game sequel property within the same time period. Meanwhile publisher Electronic Arts has released an official statement to the effect that there is no confirmed release date for the new game as of yet.

titanfall1 Rumor Patrol: Titanfall 2 Releasing Winter 2016

The fact that the new McFarlane toyline will be based on character models featured in the forthcoming title and are being released within the current calendar year might point to a general window of time within which players can expect an official release date to be announced. As for the general quality of the new game, toy company CEO Todd McFarlane had the following to say in regards to his property-tie-in products and the new video game release from Respawn:

“This is a perfect fit. McFarlane [Toys] was created so I could make cool stuff just like this. Without saying too much about the new game…you’re not going to believe where we can take this.”

In addition to Titanfall 2, EA also has Battlefield 5 and Mass Effect 4 all releasing within the fiscal year and of course, a Star Wars: Battlefront followup on the way (likely for next fall) alongside additional triple-A Star Wars titles in development (they have a 10-year deal with Disney for the license) which makes us wonder who they will be spaced out. Battlefront enjoyed a November release, seemingly allowing it to alternate fall dates with Battlefield (its last two core games released in October), but Titanfall enjoy that mix – if this rumor pans out – then expect BF5 in March.

Otherwise, expect BF5 this fall and Titanfall 2 – like its predecessor – will be a March release.

titanfall2 Rumor Patrol: Titanfall 2 Releasing Winter 2016

We’ll find out though. EA’s decision to opt out of attending this year’s E3 event in favor of holding their own “EA Play” event might just mean that the publisher is preparing for some pretty big announcements regarding any immediately forthcoming content from the studio, including the release of Titanfall 2, and with any luck, gamers can expect an announcement regarding the final retail distribution from Respawn and EA in the near future.

For now, players can begin brushing up on their piloting skills in the original release, and begin to set a course for how they might go about mastering the forthcoming installment in the franchise.

Titanfall 2 is currently being targeted for release in 2017.

Source: Polygon

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