Titanfall 2 DLC Modes & Maps Will Be Free

Titanfall 2 DLC Modes and Maps are free

Day 2 of E3 is upon us and more news comes our way from the many games at the show. Electronics Arts held their EA Play conference yesterday, featuring the campaign and multiplayer reveal of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2. Studio CEO Vince Zampella confirmed after the event that Titanfall 2 will have modes without A.I. combatants, signaling a chance for the game to support eSports tournaments and competitive modes.

EA made a point to focus on their two fall shooters, with Battlefield 1 also getting some stage time. Both games release a week apart in November before facing competition from Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - a game that won’t be getting any multiplayer reveals until the Call of Duty XP event in September. EA are looking to seriously push Titanfall 2 and the game’s multi-platform nature – as it’s now finally available on PlayStation 4 – will help it to ship more copies. The developers have also learned from the mistakes they made in the first game and now promise to make things right from day one.

Similar to the original Titanfall in 2014 (which took the initiative after a while), and like its competition in Halo 5: Guardians and Blizzard’s Overwatch, Titanfall 2’s DLC maps and modes will be free for players. Unlike the first game, the sequel’s new content will be free as they release - with the game’s lead programmer, Jon Shiring, saying in an interview with PCGamer, “One of our lessons is we’re not gonna sell maps anymore. All the modes and maps coming to Titanfall 2 after release will all be free."

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The reasoning behind this decision may be similar to what Halo 5 developers 343 Industries stated. Namely, the developers behind Titanfall 2 don't want to split up their player base and instead, want to opt to a micro-transaction model where maps are free - but cosmetic skins and other items can be bought. We can already see examples of this in the game’s deluxe edition, which includes warpaints, call signs, and camos that could lead to players purchasing their own in-game.

EA have a history of charging for Battlefield’s map packs so it will be interesting to see if they take a page from the shooters around them this holiday like Titanfall 2 and instead make their post-launch earnings on World War 1 themed gear and vehicle skins. It's also worth noting that the last few Battlefield titles have had both micro-transactions and paid DLC map packs.

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Titanfall 2 is set to launch on October 28th, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: PCGamer

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