Tips & Hints For Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally in the hands of consumers, millions of people around the world are jumping into the fray with some of gaming's biggest icons - and that means beginners may need a quick guide before getting started. Of course, this new Nintendo Switch title is going to be the first time that a lot of people become acquainted with the franchise. As a result, they may need to become more acquainted with some of the strategies in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so that they'll be able to take it to their friends next time they square off with them.

There are a number of deeper tactics that make Super Smash Bros. a competitively viable fighting game, but the basics behind how a character works is essential to doing well in a match. It's true that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features characters better for beginners, but ultimately (pun partially intended) it comes down to knowing your moves and the core fundamentals of the series as a whole. With that all said, let's get down to a few tips and hints to help players win in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

Recovery Awareness

Each character has a means of getting back on the stage after they've been launched off, and knowing how to recover is an essential part of winning in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Given the character variety, however, this can be a challenging thing to master. Recovering also comes down to much more than just simply pressing Up B, as characters like Ike and Pikachu can use their Side B to gain ground back – while others like Kirby and Metaknight have multiple jumps to assist them.

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Smash Attack Timing and Usage

Smash Attacks are amongst the strongest in the game, and baiting players into a charged one will net serious rewards in the form of knockouts and damage. Of course, attempting these can be perilous as they leave players exposed if they happen miss on the attempt. This is especially true if someone is able to read an incoming attack and Perfect Shield it – leaving the attacker exposed to the same move they just tried to unleash on their foe.

Dodging And Consequences

Dodging can be an essential way to set up an attack, as it can play directly into reading the opponent. Dodging to the left or right can earn players a better situation for a combo opportunity. Don't get too comfortable rolling around the area though, as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has implemented a new punishing system that will reduce the user's speed and timing of their brief window of invisibility. Rolling too often can open the player up to attacks rather than repel them.

Meanwhile, Spot Dodging (the art of dodging in place) suffers no noticeable consequences, but it is a lot more challenging to pull off. Finally, Directional Air Dodges play a similar role as rolling – albeit, well, in the air. These are great for psyching out an opponent and setting up a last-minute counter to their attempted set up.

The Impact of Rage

As players take on damage, they may notice that a shroud of smoke will surround their fighter. This is the returning Rage mechanic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it's as divisive amongst the hardcore Smash community as it is important to securing victory. All fans need to know about it is that Rage provides them with increased knock back as they take on additional damage. This gameplay element functions similarly to Lucario's Aura ability, but to a lesser result. Just be aware of the increased launch potential of someone on the edge of elimination, and be sure to play into that if there's an opportunity to repay the damage.

The Grapple, Attack, and Defence Triangle

Much like the rock-paper-scissors layout of the original starter Pokemon, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also plays into this philosophy through its attack, grab, and defense options. For example, a strike will nullify the effects of a grab, as the former can be executed more quickly to counteract the latter. Meanwhile, a grab will pull a character out of their shield, and a shield will nullify strikes and allow players to then go on the offence. Just remember the following: Grab > Shield; Shield > Attack; Attack > Grab.

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