Tintin In Trouble

I never thought I'd live to see the day when Steven Spielberg, without question the most powerful and influential film director in showbiz, is told, "No thanks!"

According to the folks over at Radar Online, Paramount Pictures has opted out of co-producing Tintin, the mega-budget 3-D motion-capture adaptation of the popular European comics.

This despite the fact that Spielberg (along with The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson who was to direct the second installment) had already hired their cast (including LOTR allumi Andy Serkis and Thomas Sangster as the title character) and spent big-bucks on writers and motion-capture work.

In fact, Spielberg was supposed to have started filming right about now.

At the moment, Spielberg and his company DreamWorks are currently shopping the property around to other studios.

Source: Radar Online

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