Tintin Star Wants Andy Serkis to Direct the Sequel

The Adventures of Tintin star Jamie Bell is keen for a sequel and very much open to the possibility of Andy Serkis taking over the director's chair.

Actor Jamie Bell is keen to work on a sequel to 2011's The Adventures of Tintin and is onboard with the idea of co-star Andy Serkis taking over directorial duties. Based on the beloved series of comics by Belgian author Hergé, the motion-capture based film assembled a creative dream team of Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Edgar Wright, and Steven Moffat among others, with Bell being cast in the title role after Thomas Sangster was forced to withdraw. The Adventures of Tintin drew from three classic adventures and was largely a critical and commercial success.

Spielberg and Jackson's original plan for Tintin was a trilogy of movies, with Jackson directing the second and the third being a joint effort. Accordingly, the final moments of The Adventures of Tintin hinted at future installments but over the last six years, progress has been very quiet with heavy schedules taking the blame. Despite this, reports continue to suggest that all parties are still very much interested in more Tintin movies and that seemingly includes their star, Jamie Bell.

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Asked about the possibility of a future Tintin sequel in an interview with Empire Magazine, Bell states:

"I hope so. Someone said at the [Film Stars Dont Die In Liverpool] premiere last night, "Ooh maybe Andy Serkis could direct it" and I was like, "Oh my god. That's a great idea. A f**king great idea!" I am totally down for that. I'd work, of course, with Peter again, or whoever wanted to make it. [But] working alongside Andy is always great because he's just so talented, I'd love to do it. [Points at notebook] Write it, write it, so that it happens!"

Understandably given the talent involved, Bell is clearly keen to work on a second Tintin movie, whichever director ends up taking the job. That said, with Jackson's schedule seemingly still proving to be a stumbling block, Serkis would certainly be an exciting replacement. Not only is the man a pioneer of motion-capture performance and already familiar with the franchise, but he made his directorial debut this year with Breathe. Naturally however, the ball is in Jackson's court, as the The Lord of the Rings director is still officially slated to be directing the Tintin follow-up.

Given the enduring popularity of the Tintin stories, there isn't exactly a pressing need to rush another movie out or capitalize on recent success. Six years have already passed since the release of The Adventures of Tintin and another two or three aren't likely to make much difference in terms of the sequel's chances of hitting it big at the box office. Whether Jackson does eventually get around to making Tintin 2 or whether the reins are passed over to Serkis, the reputable quality of the names being mentioned is cause for fans to rest assured.

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Source: Empire

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