Tina Fey's Hocus Pocus Movie is Not a Remake

Tina Fey's Hocus Pocus Movie is Not a Remake

Tina Fey is one of the most powerful women in comedy, and with one of Hollywood's fullest plates. Her Netflix sitcom, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is a hit, her classic comedy film Mean Girls is being considered for a Broadway revival, her recent Afghanistan War dramedy Whiskey Tango Foxtrot earned solid reviews and she remains one of the most celebrated modern alumni of Saturday Night Live - where her uncanny impression of Vice Presidential candidate turned Reality TV star Sarah Palin were at one point credited with having an actual impact on the 2008 election.

Now, add one more (potential) project to the roster. Fey is apparently working on a movie that is related to the 1990s nostalgia cult-classic Hocus Pocus.

Speaking to The Chicago Tribune on the subject of her various in the work projects, Fey was asked about the proposed feature - which she has been previously rumored to be circling for some time. Remaining largely non-committal to any details, she explained:

"There's a script in development, it is not so much a remake."

Released by Disney in 1993, the original Hocus Pocus was a rare attempt at (kid-friendly) horror-comedy for the family-focused studio. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, a city infamous as the site of a Puritan-era wave witchcraft paranoia that led to sensational witch-trials and multiple public executions, the story involved a trio of real-life evil witches (Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah JessicaParker) who escape from Hell to wreak havoc on the present day citizenry during Halloween where, because of the city's famed celebrations for the holiday, their activities go largely unnoticed until it's too late. The heroes included a group of children, a talking cat and a zombie who attempt to send the trio back to the afterlife.

Hocus Pocus - Movies with Halloween Spirit

If Fey is indeed attached to the project, it would likely be a substantially different film from the original; which was largely designed as a showcase for Middler's talents and featured a major musical number while presenting its villains in the form of over-the-top Broadway-style camp caricatures. It's unknown whether Fey would be expected to take a role in the film herself or served in the writer/producer capacity she has enjoyed on many recent projects. If realized, the new Hocus Pocus would join a growing lineup of big-budget witch movies; including a remake of The Craft and Warner Bros' long in-development Harry Potter parody Man-Witch (starring Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons as a grown man unexpectedly accepted to a witch school where he is the only adult and also the only male).

Interestingly, while Fey stopped short of confirming the project, she also didn't deny that it was (at least in some way) related to the Hocus Pocus brand. Fey had previously been rumored attached as producer to an "Untitled Disney Witch Project" several years ago which, at the time, was widely believed to have been a remake of the film. However, followup reports shot that theory down, claiming that the plan was for a new, unrelated Disney property also involving witches and/or witchcraft. It's unknown whether this is still the same project, or an entirely new variation on the same theme.

We'll bring you more information on Tina Fey's Hocus Pocus movie as it becomes available.

Source: The Chicago Tribune

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