First Full Trailer for Timur Bekmambetov's 'Black Lightning'

If you read the title to this post and thought, "Awesome! The dude who made Wanted is making a new superhero movie!" you were only half right. Black Lightning is sort of a superhero movie, but it has nothing to do with the famous DC character of the same name. Also, Timur Bekmambetov isn't directing it (Alexandr Voitinsky and Dmitriy Kiselev are.) He's just producing it, so I guess you'd only be one-third right.

Anyway, I should probably move on to what Black Lightning is about. From what I can tell by watching the Russian-language trailer (below), Black Lightning basically borrows the plot of the first Spider-Man film with a little bit of Transformers thrown in for good measure. Let me clarify. Remember how Peter Parker/Sam Witwicky wanted to get a cool car to impress Mary Jane/Whatever Megan Fox's character's name was? Black Lightning works with the same concept, except that instead of the boy becoming super powered, his car, a Soviet-era Volga, does. Check it out for yourself.

Even though I didn't understand a single word in that trailer, I still kind of want to see this movie. The action looks pretty good and seems to have a lot of Bekmambetov's flair. According to /Film, the budget for Black Lightning was a meager $8 million, making the special effects that much more impressive.

What do you think? Would you see this movie, or are flying cars played out (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang pretty much set the standard 41 years ago)?

Source: /Film

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