15Adamanti-um… what?

Wolverine - Days of Future Past

2013’s The Wolverine had its ups, its downs, and its outright oddities. The latter category found particular fault with the mutant’s singular skeleton, a gift had been reinforced with adamantium at some point in the 70s. Thanks to the sadistic efforts of Colonel

Stryker, Wolverine's bodily weapons became indestructible destruction devices. But all that goes south the very moment Ichiro Yashida hacks off his blades, revealing a jagged pair of bone claws lurking beneath. It was aesthetically uncomfortable, but at least it raised the narrative stakes.

Sadly, this change proves pointless by the time Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) approach Wolverine in a post-credit teaser. Aside from the fact that “grave danger” turns out to be decades away, this prelude to Days of Future Past (2014) invents a world where Wolverine has somehow grown back his adamantium claws! Whether aided by Magneto or outside forces, the viewers are provided no excuse or explanation as to the actual cause. Just a fresh pair of blades chalked up to “curious convenience.”

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