Beware: Times Square AMC Reportedly Has Bed Bugs

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A new report claims that the AMC theater located in Time Square, New York is ridden with bed bugs. While noisy seatmates, squeaky chairs, and late showing could be great mood downers when going to the theater, these are not actually the worst things you could encounter there. Sometimes, if you're really unlucky, you get attacked by unsanitary seat critters that could have major repercussions for you and your family's health - if they happen to be able to make their way into your own homes.

Most movie complexes continue to work on ways to improve their customers' experience with their every visit. But while folks behind these businesses tend to put most their attention in comfortable seats, premium audio and visual quality and even a butler service, oftentimes, the basic of idea cleanliness is pushed all the way back in terms of amenity-priorities. And that should not ever be the case.

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The new claims have come to light thanks to an article by New York-centric website, which cites two separate complainants in the last few days regarding their experience in  Time Square AMC. In one instance, one woman was with her boyfriend, ironically watching Jeepers Creepers 3: The Creepers Walk Among Us, when she found her companion's neck attacked by a possibly eight-week-old nymph, according to an entomologist. You can check her Facebook post below.

When reached for a comment,  AMC Spokesperson Ryan Noonan addressed the issue and told the publication:

"We are aware that guests have reported this issue recently, but have found no evidence at the theatre to confirm those reports. As we do anytime bed bugs are reported, we investigated immediately upon a receiving a guest report, using a third-party pest control company. Thorough examinations of auditoriums in question revealed no sign of any bed bug activity."

"Bed bugs are a widespread issue throughout New York City. Studies show that people are much more likely to encounter them in hotels and on their transportation to a movie theatre than in a movie theater itself. AMC is vigilant and aggressive about the inspection and treatment of this issue, both proactively and reactively. Every seat at AMC Empire 25 is proactively inspected every month and treated immediately if there is any sign of bed bugs."

This is not the first time that claims of bed bugs roaming around AMC Empire 25 have emerged, as allegations can be traced all the way back to 2010. Having said that, they are not the only theater going through the same issue. Several weeks back, similar reports surfaced about  Mounds 10 Theater in Anderson, Indiana. While the management of AMC says that they are on top of the situation, doing routinary checks every night, some fans are not satisfied. A petition on insists that the company put at least a warning sign regarding the infestation or for a renovation to be done.



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