Parks And Rec: 5 Times Everyone Was Actually A Good Friend To Jerry (&5 Times They Were Too Mean)

Gary Gergich is the perpetual laughing stock of Parks and Rec. It's the one dark spot in a show that is otherwise relentlessly optimistic and wholesome. no matter how sweet and loving Gary is his co-workers just don't seem to respect him. There are a few bright shining moments in which Gary is treated just like anybody else and even received a little special attention from time to time. in this list will take a look at five times his co-workers were kind compassionate and even a little bit friendly toward Mr. Gergich will also take a look at 5 time they took the joke a little too far.

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10 Friend: Ben and Jerry's Big Day Out


Ben Wyatt delighted fans in his courtship to Lesley Knope. Full of romantic surprises he swept Lesley and fans off their feet. When you're in love with a woman like Lesley thoughtful gifts and stunning romantic gestures are a given. For their one year anniversary Ben plans to top every other romantic moment with an entire day themed around one of Lesley's favorite movies, Enchanted. In order to keep his plans under wraps he organizes everything for the day before their anniversary. In typical Lesley fashion, she's swamped. She can't get any time away for Ben and his treats. Somehow Ben finds himself inviting Jerry for a fun filled romp including a couple's massage and a carriage ride. Their romantic afternoon together begins a beautiful friendship.

9 Foe: Spam

April, Andy, Tom and Donna share a particularly cruel way to mock Jerry. Every time Jerry says something they find stupid they put a dollar into the Jerry Box. At the end of the year they use the funds to go out for a lavish meal. Ann lets them know just how messed up that is and seems to get through to them. At least to Donna anyway. Donna decides the only right thing to do it to invite Jerry to their fancy meal. When they arrive at his house they're floored. He's throwing an epic Christmas party and the rest of the office is already there. Instantly forgetting their remorse over the Jerry Box all 4 are offended that they weren't invited. As they wallow in self-pity Tom and April realize that they've been flagging Jerry's emails as spam for the last 3 years. They find not only their invites but 3 years worth of warm friendship.

8 Friend: Park Safety

It seems Jerry just can't catch a break. No one in Pawnee wants to fill the hummingbird feeders but someone has to do it. The entire department volunteers Jerry in a round-about way and off he goes. You might think spending your work day outside would be a perk but not for Jerry Gergich. He winds up in the hospital after being mugged. Lesley takes pity on Jerry and issues a moratorium on teasing him. His coworkers are surprisingly kind and refuse to make hi the butt of their jokes. Tom is visibly stunned when Jerry manages to break wind and split his pants simultaneously while giving a presentation. Even with such an irresistible opportunity almost in his face Tom keeps his cool. It's the most respect Jerry was ever shown in a meeting.

7 Foe: Pie Time

Lesley hits the campaign trial running bringing her trusted dream team with her. As they exit their mobile headquarters a pie is flung from the crowd hitting poor Jerry right in the face. As Head of Campaign Security Andy must investigate the delicious assault. In an attempt to recreate and better understand the attack, Andy smashes pie after pie into Jerry's face. Jerry is visually defeated as the desserts come wave after wave. How many pies could Andy really need to have thrown? It seems that this research is more about humiliating Jerry than catching the pie perpetrator.

6 Friend: Retirement

Parks and Recreation

The premise of this episode is wholesome and ironic. It's only after Jerry retires that Lesley finally begins to understand him. For Lesley, the center of her life was her career. To her, success looks like a long list of career accomplishments. She looks at Jerry's time in Pawnee government and sees years wasted. She's missing the landscape. Lesley drops by Jerry's home and is warmly embraced by the entire Gergich family. Listening to them harmonize over their favorite breakfast combo Lesley finally gets it.  She sees Jerry for the successful husband and father that he is. She finally understands and respects his priories. She's still confused about Gail.

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5 Foe: Adoption Outing

it's not uncommon on Parks and Rec for inter office pranks to go a little bit too far. when the team find themselves in a competition to see who can dig up the most dirt Jerry is adamant from the start that he wants no part of it. Unfortunately for Jerry no one seems to listen to anything he has to say. Mark Brendanawicz continues to investigate Jerry's background and pulled up a particularly juicy detail. The problem is Jerry himself didn't know. Mark Brendanawicz presents Jerry with his adoption papers. Jerry is visibly shaken and reminds everyone that he was never playing their game.

4 Friend: Sworn In


After all the years of teasing and shenanigans Jerry ends his career in Pawnee government on a very high note. In the episode "Two Funerals" Gary Gergich is sworn in as mayor of Pawnee after the death of Mayor Gunderson. The show's tradition of underestimating Gary continues. Everyone assumes it will be a disaster. Gary shocks his doubters and proves to be one of the most beloved Mayors in Pawnee history. he's re-elected more than once and goes on to serve several terms. this episode gives us a glimpse into the happy future shared between Gary and Gayle Gergich. They go on to have several grandchildren and great-grandchildren and Gary dies happy and well-loved.

3 Foe: The Name Game


Jerry's name changing is one of the longest running jokes on the show. It began when Gary Gergich was first called Jerry by his former boss. Mild mannered Gergich didn't know how to correct his superior and the now ball began rolling. The first decade or so of this mix up was accidental. You would think once Gary's real name was revealed that his coworkers would correct themselves. You'd be wrong. Not only dos everyone refuse to acknowledge that his name is Gary, they slowly morph into every other rhyming name out there. No one can show Gary/Jerry/Larry the respect to simply call him by his actual name.

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2 Friend: Sherm's


in the episode two parties the boys of parks and rec realize how few of them I've actually had a bachelor party. Each man is then given his dream bachelor party by his buddies. When it's Jerry's turn we get a glimpse into the True Heart of the man. All he wants is an ice cream cone from the very place where he met his wife Gail. the guys listened intently as he describes the first time he saw his wife. Ben is always curious when it comes to the origin of Gayle and Jerry. As they lick their ice cream cones they give Jerry their undivided attention and respect. It's a rare moment for Jerry Gergich. Not only a few the center of attention in a positive way,but he's finally given something that he asks for constantly on the show, a chance to share something that he cares about with his co-workers.

1 Foe: Fart Attack


Even on death's doorstep Jerry can't get a moment of peace or anyone's respect. Halloween is a favorite holiday at The Parks and Recreation Department. Every year there's some sort of party or shenanigan usually featuring Greg Pikitis. This year the gang decide to scare Tom as he leaves the bathroom. who should happen to come out in his place none other than Jerry Gergich the Fright proved to be too much for Jerry to clutches his chest and immediately begin to have a heart attack. If that weren't bad enough he passes gas the entire time. His co-workers stand around him as  he faces death and laugh uncontrollably.

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