Timeless Series Finale First-Look Image Gathers (Most Of) The Team

Matt Lanter Abigail Spencer and Goran Visnjic in Timeless

NBC’s sci-fi drama Timeless is set to officially end its two-season run with a series finale movie in December, and from the look of two new images, it’ll be a holiday event. Though the series has been through the ringer with a cancelation, surprise renewal, and second cancelation, the cycle is finally set to be broken with a two-hour wrap-up movie that will hopefully answer all the pertinent questions and give the show’s vocal fan base the closure they need (until the inevitable series revival or reboot happens a few years from now, anyway).

The series finale is set to premiere just before the Christmas holiday, which will not only maximize its potential for gathering a sizable audience (something the series struggled to do during both its pre-cancelation runs), but it looks as though it will also give the event a thematic through-line. That should make for a potent finale since last anyone saw the Clockblockers, they were down a man (Rufus), and, oddly, up two more, with future versions of Lucy and Wyatt coming to save Rufus and the day. 

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There hasn't been a whole lot to go on in terms of what the finale will entail, but a pair of first-look images first reported on by TVLine show most of the team is back together, and Wyatt, at least, seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit. Take a look at the images below:

Paterson Joseph Malcolm Barrett Claudia Doumit Matt Lanter in Timeless Series Finale

Matt Lanter Timeless Series Finale

The first image seems to be something of a spoiler, as the majority of the team (Rufus included) appears to have gathered together for a little drink to commemorate the holidays. Though the hangdog expressions on their faces suggest that either the image just happened to catch them all pre- or post-smile, or that they’re drinking for reasons that are not quite celebratory. Given that this is the series finale, it stands to reason that it won’t be an entirely happy or lighthearted affair. Whether that means someone on the team makes the ultimate sacrifice or the team’s battle against Rittenhouse doesn’t go as planned remains to be seen.

At any rate, the images offer viewers plenty to ponder as they wait for the Timeless finale to premiere later next month. Given just how often the series has gone back and forth with regard to the romance between Lucy and Wyatt, not to mention all the twists and turns there’ve been in terms of Rittenhouse’s plans for world domination via manipulation of the time stream, these images are just the tip of the iceberg with regard to story that's yet to come. 

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Timeless series finale event premiers Thursday, December 20 @8pm on NBC. 

Source: TVLine

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