Timeless Creator Warns Fans That Show Is Once Again On the Bubble

Timeless creator Eric Kripke warns that the NBC show is in danger of being cancelled – again – and calls for fans to support the season 2 finale.

Timeless creator Eric Kripke warns that the NBC show is in danger of being cancelled - again - and calls for fans to support the season 2 finale. The first season of Timeless debuted in late 2016, following a team of time travelers who go to different time periods in order to protect history. In the second season, Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), and Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) are in hiding from the evil organization Rittenhouse - though they have help from Homeland Security agent Denise Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey), Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph), and Jiya Marri (Claudia Doumit). Plus, in the more recent episodes, they've been joined by former enemy Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić).

However, while Timeless has a dedicated fan base, it appears the NBC family-friendly drama is on the bubble once again. Last season, NBC cancelled Timeless, before reversing their decision a few days later and renewing Timeless for season 2. The reason for the network's change of heart came from the fans protesting the network's choice to cancel the series. Now, it seems Timeless is in the same boat once again - or, should we say, the same lifeboat.

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Eric Kripke took to Twitter over the weekend to post a letter from himself, fellow co-creator Shawn Ryan, and the entire cast and crew of Timeless to plead with fans to again rally around the NBC drama. In the letter, Kripke asked fans to watch the show live if they could, and view the series on streaming sites like Hulu, in order to boost the ratings. The showrunner also asked fans to especially tune into the two-part Timeless season 2 finale, which is at an earlier time, airing on Sunday May 13 at 9pm (the show typically airs at 10pm). Read Kripke's full post below.

Timeless became an example of the power fans can have over a show's future last year when NBC reversed their decision to cancel it. However, since the show's ratings haven't increased immensely - and remain "modest" as Kripke wrote - it seems unlikely the network would give the drama another chance with a third season. One of the other big concerns for the network last year, aside from ratings, was how much the show costs to produce, which will likely be another factor in NBC's decision. Unfortunately, whether Timeless is renewed or cancelled this year will most likely come down to business concerns.

That said, fans who have grown attached to the show's characters and have become engrossed in the Time Team's battle against Rittenhouse should still fight for the series. As Kripke noted, a vocal fan following can tip the scales if NBC is on the fence between renewal and cancellation. So, since the show hasn't officially been cancelled yet, there's still a chance for fans to sway the network - especially if the ratings receive a boost in the season 2 finale.

As for when we'll learn about Timeless' fate, NBC will likely announce all renewals and cancellations later this month. Whether Timeless is renewed or cancelled remains to be seen, but fans will no doubt continue fighting for it even if the show is cancelled.

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Timeless season 2 concludes Sunday May 13 at 9pm on NBC.

Source: Eric Kripke

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