'Timecrimes' Director To Helm 'Gangland'

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Timecrimes director, Nacho Vigalondo, will helm an action-comedy called Gangland. The film is based on an idea by Vigalondo, will be written by Pat Healy (HBO's In Treatment) and will be produced by Mandate Pictures and Steven Zallian via their Film Rites partnership.

Gangland's story revolves around a group of video game developers who unwisely promise the most realistic game ever made, entitled Gangland (hence the name of the film). The group soon find themselves having to survive on their own wits as they have to deal with a real-life criminal underworld.

Sounds fun! I'm guessing in their desperation to deliver what they promise these game developers steep themselves in real criminal life and danger, which will most likely lead to more harm than good.

For those of you not up on your foreign cinema, you may not know who Vigalondo is. As well as several short films, he directed a little, extremely creative Spanish-language time travel film a couple of years ago called Timecrimes (or Los cronocrimenes, to use its Spanish name). If you haven't heard of it or seen it, I strongly encourage you to make the effort.

Timecrimes is certainly not the first film to deal with time travel, but it's nonetheless very original and creative in its exploration of it. It takes more than one watch to completely "get it" (when I watched it for the first time I immediately watched it again straight after it had finished...), but that just goes to prove how fascinating it is.

Gangland's co-producer, Steve Zaillian (Oscar-winning writer of Schindler's List), is already trying to get a U.S. remake of Timecrimes made, which is hoped for a release sometime in 2011. As far as I know, Vigalondo will not be involved with it.

It's great to see a filmmaker who works in another country/language getting the chance to make a name for himself in Hollywood. Vigalondo (who's debut with Timecrimes is his only full-length directed film to date) has proved he has a boatload of talent and I'll be interested to see how Gangland turns out. It has an original premise that has the potential to be a lot of fun. I'm quite eager to to see what sort of cast they get together for the movie.

Do you like the sound of Gangland? Anybody out there seen Nacho Vigalondo's Timecrimes?

Gangland is currently in the development stages and doesn't have a release date as of yet.

Sources: THR via AICN

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