Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox Stations? [Updated]

[Update: How did this all turn out? Go HERE for details]

I saw this flash across my TV yesterday while watching my Philadelphia Eagles stomp the San Francisco 49ers :-P, but didn't believe my eyes until now:

There is a possibility that, come January 1st, Time Warner Cable will no longer carry any Fox Stations. We're talking Fox, Fox News, Fox Sports Net, and FX... all gone. The problem? What else: money, money, money...

The contracts between Fox and Time Warner expire this year, and currently negotiations between the two companies are said to be at a standstill. That doesn't leave much time for things to be worked out (especially not during the upcoming holidays), making for a very nerve-wracking situation for those who subscribe to Time Warner cable service (namely, yours truly!).

I tried and tried to sign up with Verizon FiOS, but was told the service was not yet available for my building in midtown Manhattan :-( . I've also been a loyal viewer of both trashy and classy Fox programming since I was a child. If I have to watch the new season of 24 on my computer because of this, I will be PISSED.

Of course, the chances of that happening are slim; Time Warner would be stupid to think that subscribers would put up with this crap when there are other cable services competing for their dollar. I bet Verizon FiOS will be installed in my building REAL QUICK if this travesty is allowed to happen. Especially around NFL playoff time.

If you hear this and actually care, Fox (for once the lesser of two evils?) has started a website petition for you to protest on. It's called  Keep Fox On and if you click that title you'll jump right on over to the site, where you can petition and complain at your leisure.

All I know is, this better be resolved before American Idol starts up. Losing Paula Abdul was bad enough...

Source: Keep Fox On

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