Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Ratings Better Than We Think

When we all heard that FOX was going to put The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse on Friday nights, we all went ballistic. We know that Friday nights are a death knoll for a show. It's hard to ignore the fact that when your favorite gets to replace reality skeins Cops, or My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, it just ain't good news. Just start saving up for that single season DVD pack. Right?

Well hold your horses on this one folks. There may be a glint of light at the end of the usually very short Friday night tunnel, or is there?

Despite ratings not looking so hot for either The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) or Dollhouse for Friday nights, the time shifted viewing numbers are giving the shows some serious bump!

The premiere of Dollhouse saw an increase of viewers by 30% with time shifted viewing.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles increased by 36% from that same night.

For a Friday night show being viewed via time shifting, these are huge numbers. It even beats out the most popular Friday night show, Ghost Whisperer.

So what does this mean for the survival of either show? I don't know. It's hard to read the mind of single cell entities in the programming departments!

This tells the studios that yes, we are indeed watching and they need to pay attention to us. But while we are showing up in strong time shifted viewer numbers, this doesn't do the pocketbook sources, the advertisers, any good. The only people that this kind of number is good for is the DVR equipment makers and the remote control manufacturers as we wear out our FF buttons or trash on our DVR's hard drive making it skip all the useless noise of commercials.

Commercials are becoming a thing of the past folks! Those Nielsen families need to start using DVR's full time and get off the live viewing schedules... oh wait, those Nielsen families need to actually start watching sci-fi shows.

Our beloved shows need to start figuring out how to get their advertisers some numbers. Plain and simple. That's how they're going to keep advertisers around paying the bills and keeping shows we love on the air. Otherwise, our own viewing behavior where we skip commercials and don't end up buying their products is killing the shows we love. Ironic, ain't it? I hate it.

So these new numbers sort of make things look a little better for TSSC and Dollhouse, that's for sure. Even though the TSSC exec was very optimistic at the WonderCon panel I attended last weekend, you can read between the lines the way Josh Friedman was answering the questions about future seasons. He had hope, but there was no tangible hope to offer. The same can probably be said for Dollhouse. Yet it is Friday night, and these days, Friday night is a little harder to get booted from because of its lessened expectations these days. Not impossible, but harder!

Source: THR Feed

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