Time After Time Canceled By ABC

Freddie Stroma in Time After Time

ABC premiered its new time travel series this month, with Time After Time hitting screens at the beginning of March. The show, based on the 1979 movie of the same name, follows H.G. Wells (Freddie Stroma) and Jack the Ripper (Josh Bowman) in an adventure through time. When Jack steals the sci-fi writer's time machine, both end up in modern-day Manhattan, and hijinks ensue. It is only one of many time-travelling shows currently on the air, with Legends of Tomorrow, Timeless, Making History, and of course, Doctor Who all exploring different ways of adventuring through time.

Although Time After Time had a reasonably enjoyable, if not groundbreaking, pilot episode, it looks like the show isn't going to be joining the ranks of the renewed this year. With a lackluster first month on the air, the show has now officially been pulled by the network -- after only five episodes.

ABC has pulled the show from its schedule this week, with the announcement that Match Game will be aired in Time After Time's Sunday slot next week. TV Line reports that Match Game will remain in that slot for three weeks, and that there are no plans to revive Time After Time in future. The move is the result of lackluster ratings, with the fledgling series pulling in an average of 2.2 million weekly viewers and a 0.5 demo rating. Its popularity has also been dropping since the premiere.

Génesis Rodriguez and Freddie Stroma in Time After Time

It's surprising to see the network pull Time After Time so quickly -- the show was planned for a 12-episode first season, which means that it has been canceled after less than half of the first season airs. However, it's not too surprising that the show wasn't a huge hit, given the huge competition with genre shows (and time travel shows in particular) this year, and the less-than-ideal time slot that the show was given. The show also started at a difficult time of year, missing the start of the big fall season when new shows usually launch. Not only does this make it a little less likely for viewers to tune in, but it also means that the network is forced to make a decision about cancellation after only a few episodes. This can mean that a show doesn't have the chance to pick up steam, and bigger audiences.

Fans of the series are obviously going to be disappointed at the news, especially as they won't get a chance to see how the season 1 storyline pans out. It's always possible that another network might decide to pick up the show, of course, so all hope is not lost -- but it's quite unlikely that Time After Time will return.

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Source: TV Line 

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