Is Tim Robbins Howard Stark In Iron Man 2?

The rumor river is flowing again, this time giving us word that Tim Robbins will play Tony Stark's father Howard Stark in the comic book movie sequel Iron Man 2. The character was portrayed briefly during the slide-show presentation at the beginning of the first film by Gerard Sanders, but director John Favreau wanted: get a good actor because he didn't think the guy who played Howard in the last film could carry such an important scene.

It's no surprise after the changing of Rhodey from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle not too long ago that Favreau would want a better quality actor to portray such an important character. After all this is Tony Stark's father, the man who helped shape him into the man we know.

Since the flashback scene will presumably take place when Tony Stark is a young boy (as that's when his father died) we have no problem with Robbins being believable as Downey Jr's father. Thinking of it in that way I actually think Robbins could play the fatherly role very well, he's certainly proven his worth previously with the likes of The Shawshank Redemption and Jacob's Ladder.

As an added rumor bonus it's floating around that the characters of Hawkeye and Black Widow will not only be in the film but will also have a significant presence as opposed to just cameos. I'm not a dyed in the wool Iron Man comic book fan so I have no frame of reference as to how these two will fit into the Iron Man 2 movie storyline. Any people who are in the know, please be sure to enlighten me. :-)

Hawkeye and Black Widow

However these are just rumors (presumably, anyway) at the moment and therefore they should be taken with a big grain of salt. If they do turn out to be true, though, what are your thoughts on these decisions, particularly the Robbins one?

Source: Latino Review

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