Former Robin Tim Drake's New Identity is DC's SAVIOR

Goodbye Tim Drake, Hello 'Savior'


After doing battle with the heroes trying to stop him from killing Jonathan Kent (and Damian Wayne, Jonathan's closest protector), Tim takes refuge in the damaged Titans Tower. With his future Batsuit still embedded with functioning trackers, Tim needs to assemble a new costume, first and foremost. Picking his way through a wardrobe of prototype and unused Titan uniforms, Tim assembles a new ensemble that seems a more accurate reflection of his identity.

He may be wearing the Batsuit, and arguably be as uncompromising as Bruce, but... Batman is still a true hero in this timeline. Throw on a trenchcoat, a new cowl, bodysuit (with a coincidental 'S') and grab some guns, and you have yourself a new hero/antihero: Savior.

As tempting as it is to write off Savior, or Tim Drake as a 'villain' in the story, to do so would be selling the actual character work short. While assembling his suit, Tim reiterates his disinterest in being Batman: a creature living in the shadows and punishing criminals was never his style. He preferred to lead, whether he admitted it or not, and do so in the light.

As a result, his new Savior suit bears clear similarities to his first Red Robin suit (with the guns and red 'V' screaming Vigilante, which may be intentional).

Will Savior Remain in DC's Current Universe?

Underneath the new suit and name, he's also the same Tim that the current Teen Titans have grown to know and appreciate, meaning he sways more than one to his cause. And his cause does have some arguments going for it, since his claim that Superboy is going to destroy the future has coincided with Jonathan Kent's strange 'solar flare' powers emerging. Powers he can't understand or control, making him - wouldn't you know it? - something od a threat. And to make matters worse, Tim Drake is racing against the clock as the literal will of time is trying to keep his timeline intact. Helping it is the future Superman and Wonder Woman, formerly known as Cassie Sandsmark and Conner Kent - the 'Titans of Tomorrow.' They're trying to keep Tim from mucking with the past, present, and future from the same world he left behind (and since his actions could undo their existence, they have a solid case).

Even with his former teammates and friends hunting him from the future, and some of the Teen Titans of this world trying to stop him, Tim Drake isn't backing down. We won't say which members of the team choose to stand completely against Tim as an enemy, and which agree that finding Superboy is the top priority. But with Teen Titans #15 ending by sending all parties in search of Jonathan and Damian, the clock is running out for everyone involved.

Which makes sense, since the next issue is the conclusion to the time-spanning, Tim-transforming story arc. It arrives on January 3rd in the pages of Superman #38. And just like Savior's role in this tale, and the DCU beyond... fans won't want to miss it.

Teen Titans #15 is available now.

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