Former Robin Tim Drake's New Identity is DC's SAVIOR

Tim Drake as Batman in Battle for the Cowl comic

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Teen Titans #15


Tim Drake has finally put the legacy of Batman behind him, and taken a new name: Savior. It isn't the first time that the former Robin (and former Red Robin) has tried to carve out an identity of his own, and it's almost guaranteed not to be the last, either. The good news for fans is that the DC Comics Universe now has not one, but TWO Tim Drakes walking its Earth. The young version of Tim that Teen Titans fans know and love, and the version of Tim Drake who becomes Batman. The bad news is that Tim never really wanted to follow in Bruce Wayne's footsteps as the Batman - which means he was forced into the role, and his brutal tactics reflect it.

The tragic saga of this future Tim Drake has been unraveling in Detective Comics for months, but is finally heading to a devastating conclusion. Because Tim isn't just adopting 'Savior' as a new name, but as a new mission for the sake of the entire DC Universe. One that may be destined to fail, given the number of heroes at stake. But one that may still leave a mark on Tim, the Titans, and the DCU if Savior tries to accomplish his murderous mission.

Which is a shame, since Tim's new costume is one fans will only want to celebrate.

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Tim Drake, The Batman of DC's Future

Ever since Tim Drake was killed in Detective Comics, and soon revealed to have been kidnapped instead, fans were longing for his return to the DC Universe. It finally came with some help from Batman, but it wasn't the version Tim expected to find him. His savior, ironically, was an older, Batsuit-wearing Tim Drake who had been pulled from the future and placed in the same prison. To dive any deeper would just make the story (more) confusing, but the point is this: when old Tim returned his younger self to his own time, he realized something impossible. This past, the one he had lived and seen force him into the cowl, was different.

Seizing the opportunity to save his own life, his own relationships, and essentially prevent him from becoming the man he was as Batman, he incapacitated young Tim. Setting out to kill Batwoman was his original plan - for events that happened in his timeline - but his ambitions and targets have changed since then. Corrupted as this older Tim was, he still reasons like the world's greatest detective. Which means Superman's son is now the key to saving his own future.

Specifically, killing him... and any other hero who tries to get in his way. So for obvious reasons, Tim finds himself in need of a more fitting, more singular, and more meaningful name.

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