IT: Tim Curry & Bill Skarsgård Get Pennywise Collectible Figures

Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård are getting IT collectible figures as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Approximately 27 years after Curry brought author Stephen King's monstrous creation to life in the classic ABC minseries IT, Skarsgård assumed the role of Pennywise to haunt movie fans last fall in director Andy Muschietti's blockbuster remake of the horror thriller. Roaring out of the gate with a record-shattering $123 million in domestic ticket sales over its opening weekend, IT went on to become the fourth R-rated film in history to pass the $300 million mark at home, with a final global tally of more than $700 million.

The reemergence of Pennywise naturally created a demand for Pennywise products. And in the midst of the film's remarkable domestic and worldwide theatrical run, collectibles company NECA secured the action figure licensing rights to the IT franchise. To date, the company has mainly teased the manufacturing of a 7-inch figure of the Skarsgård version of Pennywise, but when the company started posted updates from Toy Fair as it kicked off Saturday morning, fans of the original miniseries got what they were hoping for.

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In a pair of posts on NECA's Twitter account, action figures of both Curry and Skarsgård in the guise of Pennywise were revealed. Skarsgård's Pennywise figure was revealed first, with Curry's figure being revealed an hour later. You can check out both figures below:

Driving into city to kick off #ToyFair2018 officially. Show open at 9am. Let's do this!! ?

— NECA (@NECA_TOYS) February 17, 2018

And so IT begins.....??#toyfair2018

— NECA (@NECA_TOYS) February 17, 2018

Both figures were shown posted in background environments in the tweets, with Curry's Pennywise holding a colorful array of seven balloons and Skarsgård's version holding his single red balloon. And as if the likeness of Pennywise's past and present aren't stunning enough, NECA revealed at the 2018 Toy Fair (via Toyark) that both "Ultimate" release figures come with an extra set of hands (or claws) as well as alternate heads (three for Curry's Pennywise, and two for Skarsgård's version), which are each just as terrifying as the main head sculpts.

NECA clarified in its Twitter feed that both the Curry and Skarsgård versions of Pennywise would be released in 7-inch scale, although the Skarsgård version at Toy Fair was presented as a 1/4 scale, 18-inch figure. The company did note, however, that if there was enough demand, 1/4 scale figures could be produced in the future. No matter the case, fans are sure to be delighted with the availability of any IT action figure products at all, particularly the Curry figure, which fans have been waiting several years for.

Hopefully, the release of the two Pennywise figures are only be the beginning of a long line of IT merchandise. And with an IT director's cut on the way and IT: Chapter Two in the works, interest in the franchise won't be dying down anytime soon.

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Source: NECA, Toyark

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