Rumor Patrol: Tim Burton's Addams Family 3D?

Our friends over at Deadline mentioned that a 3D version of The Addams Family is on the way, spearheaded by the brilliant Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride).

MTV got word and reached out to Burton's people directly about the possible 3D remake - However, Burton's camp responded that "there is no truth to the story." Sounds pretty final to me, but read on for more about the rumor and the response from the Burton camp.  It was reported that Burton would be directing a 3D stop-motion animation film based on Charles Addams' original drawings (some of which appeared in the New Yorker) that would not be directly related to the litany of Addams Family films and television series that have come before.

It was further reported that Illumination Entertainment (they've got Dr. Suess' The Lorax on the way!) under the Universal umbrella, had acquired the rights to those drawings and that Chris Meladandri, the head of Illumination, would produce the film.

A Dream Unfulfilled

It may well be true that Illumination did purchase those rights, but here's a little more proof from Burton's people that he's not attached:

"Tim has not lined up any of his upcoming projects."

So he's got upcoming projects (although that's not surprising) and apparently this isn't one of them (see first quote).  I wonder what's on Burton's plate... Now that Hollywood is doing a fantastic job of beating the 3D horse to death, maybe it's time for 4D.  Like, you buy glasses that allow you to slip into one of those other dimensions string-theorists talk about and watch the movie there.  Imagine how much they'd charge for THAT ticket!  It's gotta be just around the corner.

The Addams Family stop-motion animation


The Addams Family 3D Stop-Animation flick may never, ever come.

Source: Deadline, MTV

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