Tim Allen Tries Drama In Redbelt

Tim Allen has decided to give a dramatic role a try in the upcoming film Redbelt.

It's a martial arts drama written by David Mamet, and will also star Chiwetel Ejiofor. Who the heck is that, you ask? He's the guy who played the super-cool assassin in the awesome movie Serenity.

I haven't seen Tim Allen in a movie since The Santa Clause 2 five years ago because honestly, I've heard that pretty much every movie he's done since then has been pretty bad. Now this really makes me feel bad because as a comedic actor and stand-up comic I absolutely love this guy. One of the TV viewing staples at my home are endless reruns of his hit show from the 90's, Home Improvement. No matter how many times we watch an episode of that show, it's still funny.

I understand he's had personal problems and I feel for him... I hate seeing someone who's brought such laughter into my home having a difficult time and working in films that are so awful. It's kind of similar to what happened with Chevy Chase, I suppose... he was one of the funniest guys around when he was young, but as he got older it was as if he lost whatever spark it was that made him funny.

Anyway, Tim is going to do an about-face and play a dramatic role in this new film. He plays a troubled action star with marital problems who meets a martial arts master while he's getting pummeled in a street fight.

I hope he does well in this and I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Source: Variety via Dark Horizons

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