Tim Allen Says Home Improvement Reboot 'Has Been Floated'

Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor just might be coming back to television, if star Tim Allen has anything to say about it. The Last Man Standing actor recently revealed that he's "very interested" in a Home Improvement reboot and has even spoken to some of his former cast members, who seem to be on board as well.

Allen starred in the hit sitcom, part of the TGIT line-up for eight seasons, from 1991 - 1999. The show was based on Allen's stand up routine and became an instant hit after it aired. Allen played the loveable father of three sons, Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor, who often sought advice for his everyday problems from his neighbor, Wilson. Wilson, played by the late Earl Hindman, was only ever seen standing behind the fence that separated his and Taylor's back yards. Patricia Richardson played his wife, Jill, while Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Taran Noah Smith played his sons. Richard Karn and Debbe Dunn, who replaced a then unknown Pamela Anderson, also starred as Taylor's co-stars on his show within a show, 'Tool Time'.

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With an almost fever pitch level of excitement over the upcoming Roseanne reboot, as well as the success of other '90s sitcoms revivals like Fuller House, Allen was asked by Entertainment Tonight about his thoughts on a Home Improvement reboot. The actor stated he'd be "very interested" in bringing back the show. "I can't say everybody, but it has been floated," Allen told ET. "And more than I would have expected said, 'Yeah, that would be cool to do it years later,' like Roseanne." The actor even hinted that he'd take the lead, as did Roseanne's Sarah Gilbert, in rallying the cast members to come on board. "I like that idea," Allen said.

While fans may be eager to see Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor back on the small screen, Allen admits he may have mixed feelings since his most recent show, Last Man Standing, was cancelled last year:

"I still miss Last Man Standing. We didn't get our seventh year. I adored that show. It's like having a new dog and now to go back to the old dog? I don't know. I like both characters, but yeah, I'd be very interested in that idea."

With the buzz surrounding the Roseanne reboot and Allen voicing his willingness to consider a Home Improvement reboot, it would be suprising if a network didn't at least attempt to look into the possibility. During its run, it was one of the most watched sitcoms in the U.S. market and not only launched the career of Allen and Anderson, but created teen hearthrobs out of the actors who played Allen's sons, especially Jonathan Taylor Thomas. While nothing has been decided, everyone might want to start practicing Tim Taylor's trademark Simian grunt again. Well, everyone but Bob Vila.


We will bring you more Home Improvement-related news as it comes our way.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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