Girls Trip Star Tiffany Haddish & P.T. Anderson May Work Together

Tiffany Haddish is confirming that she and P.T. Anderson have spoken on multiple occasions now, with the intention of working together on a movie in the foreseeable future. Haddish had been making a name for herself on the acclaimed comedy TV series The Carmichael Show since 2015, but really shot to fame last year thanks to her star-making turn in the hit summer comedy Girls Trip. So far, Haddish's accolades for her performance in Girls Trip include a Best Supporting Actress win at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards - which is where Anderson entered the picture.

Anderson picked up a Best Screenplay win for his latest period film, Phantom Thread, during the NYFCC Awards and expressed his interest in working with Haddish in the future, by way of a statement that Phantom Thread costar Lesley Manville presented at the event. The somewhat notoriously elusive Anderson has yet to meet with Haddish in person, but the latter has confirmed that the pair has now talked over the phone more than once, and that those discussions are indeed heading in an encouraging direction.

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Speaking in an interview with Vulture, Haddish confirmed that she has been talking with Anderson over the phone, saying "I mean, he put his phone number out there, so I had to call." She then clarified that it wasn't a one-off conversation either, as they pair have been actively exchanging ideas over the phone and are "probably gonna work together" sooner rather than later, according to Haddish.

Paul Thomas Anderson

Anderson has increasingly focused on exploring 20th century settings and "moments" in history with his films over the past decade, and it doesn't sound as though that would change with the potential project that he and Haddish are discussing. When pressed by Vulture for details about the prospective film that she and Anderson are talking about, Haddish offered the following:

Well, we’ve been talking a lot about Los Angeles, back when Central Avenue was the Sunset Boulevard of L.A. … I don’t know, I don’t know!

Both Los Angeles and California are familiar settings when it comes to Anderson's work, ranging from the 1970s San Fernando Valley backdrop of Boogie Nights to the (fictional) L.A. beach county town from Inherent Vice, and even the small Californian village that serves as the backdrop for There Will Be Blood. Anderson's larger body of work has long been informed by golden age Hollywood films and culture in particular, making it all the believable that something like old fashioned Central Avenue living would strike his fancy. The writer/director's projects typically take some time to percolate and it's clearly early days, but with a rising star like Haddish already lined up, this space is definitely one to watch out for.

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Tiffany Haddish recently co-announced the 2018 Oscar nominations and will next appear as a spokesperson for Groupon during Super Bowl LII. Phantom Thread is now playing in a nationwide U.S. theatrical release.

Source: Vulture

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