Why You Can Only Binge Watch the First Half of The Tick Season 1

Peter Serafinowicz in The Tick

The Tick showrunner Ben Edlund explains why the there are only six episodes of the first season available to watch straight away. The series was given a season order of 12 episodes, so the decision leave things on a cliffhanger, with no end in sight, may have left viewers scratching their heads. This is all part of a clever marketing strategy from the executive producers and Amazon.

Peter Serafinowicz stars as the Tick alongside Griffin Newman as Arthur. Newman's character was obsessed with superheroes as a child until his father was killed when a supervillain attacked a team of heroes, so when Arthur crosses paths with the Tick, he initially wants nothing to do with him. But it's the relationship and comedy between the two that makes the series so easy to binge watch.

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But in the Netflix era of binge watching an entire season in a day, the executive producers have only released half the season to Amazon Prime Video. Fans were surprised when the full season hadn't been released, but creator Ben Edlund explained to CinemaBlend why he felt it was necessary to do so:

Griffin Newman and Valorie Curry in The Tick

"The Binge Watching issue is... I see it as it's a perfect dive from a high board, and there's no splash. It just goes in and goes out when you experience it as a culture, it comes and goes. [Ben, David, and Barry] We're all sort of veterans of the opposite of that. Fan energy wants to have a culture to express itself in. So if you split a season, and give a gap in-between, you get anticipation, you get people are able [to] talk about what happened, are able to kind of set their watches for what happens next. It helps us win back some of what is lost when we lose, inevitably, the week to week sort of broadcast basis of storytelling."

The first six episodes have been hilarious, but also managed to have a lot of depth when dealing with Arthur and the Tick's relationship. As their friendship blossoms, we pick up pieces of each characters' history, teasing the audience with storylines to come when the second half of the season rolls around. To that end, executive producer Barry Josephson discussed where the the next six episodes might take the show:

"I think when Ben and David pitched Amazon the season, I think they saw clearly there's sort of like two movies here. At least. So I think there was a decision made to air them 'six and six.' We didn't know when the second half was, we still don't know exactly when the second half will be. But, I think that's what's really cool is that it feels like there's a natural break point. It should be satisfying."

It's intriguing that they don't seem 100 percent certain when the next six episodes will air. Hopefully the series will be recognized for the fun adventure that it is and its return will be met with even more fanfare from those eager to see how the season concludes.

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The Tick is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: CinemaBlend

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