Just a few days ago, it was rumored that a reboot of the cult-favorite superhero parody The Tick was in development for Amazon, causing fans of the short-lived TV series to dream about the possibilities. The underlying factor with any rumor is the grain of salt that viewers must take while reading it – but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

For confirmation, fans can turn to the Twitter account of Ben Edlund, the man who created the series that originally aired on Fox in 2001. In his message to followers, he seemed to all but verify that the blue-clad hero will be showing up on screens once again:

That would typically be enough to give viewers reason to believe, but there are other sources that take it one step further. A report by The Wrap indicates that Patrick Warburton, who played the Tick during the show’s initial run, is locked into a deal to reprise the character for an Amazon pilot. This means that a new live-action Tick show is going beyond “being pursued” and is one step closer to reality.

There’s no word on whether or not a full season will be ordered, but Tick die-hards shouldn’t fret at the notion of just one episode popping up. Amazon’s policy (as a TV developer) has always been to produce the pilot, offer it for free viewing, and give people the opportunity to vote on the shows. The poll results dictate which series get picked up and which ones don’t. Given The Tick‘s status as a beloved, misunderstood classic, we have reason to believe that the reboot shall survive the screening process.

the tick coming back The Tick TV Series Creator Confirms Reboot Rumors

Using the comic books and cartoon series as a guide, the 2001 live-action series became a critical favorite during its run from November 2001 to January 2002. Despite being praised, the absurdest parody did not connect with mainstream viewers, and low ratings were the culprit behind its cancellation. In the years since, it has acquired quite the following due to its positive reception and being available on numerous streaming services including iTunes and Netflix. There will certainly be a large portion of viewers eagerly anticipating new episodes whenever they arrive.

Of course, it’s justifiable to wonder if The Tick can find success today, when the property failed to make an impression over a decade ago. We think things will be a little different, since the zeitgeist in 2014 seems ripe for a hilarious parody poking fun at superhero movie conventions. Comic book characters will be all over the place for the next several years, and interest in them is higher than ever. Time may be on Edlund’s side now.

With the Tick reboot being so early in development, it is unknown at this point if any of Warburton’s former co-stars will join him for the Amazon-funded revival. But with the original creator and star on board, there’s not only a chance that other familiar faces sign on too, perhaps the new Tick series can recapture what made it so appealing in the first place and give fans a real reason to celebrate.

We’ll keep you updated on The Tick as more information becomes available.

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Sources: Ben Edlund, The Wrap

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