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Ben Edlund's The Tick has had been around for decades in comic book form, but the dark, satiric series about a nigh-invulnerable, super-strong do-gooder in a blue suit who calls himself simply, the Tick gained considerably more exposure when it was translated into a Saturday-morning cartoon on FOX. Not long after, the network tried its hands at delivering the Tick, his sidekick Arthur, and all the other weird, semi-competent heroes protecting The City in live-action form with Patrick Warburton as the titular character. The series only lasted nine episodes, but it made enough of an impact that, over a decade later, there's a new Tick on the horizon.

Fans got their first look at The Tick on Amazon during the streaming services' Pilot Season, in which the pilot episodes of upcoming series are made available to viewers, so that they can get a glimpse at what's soon to be headed their way. The Tick made its debut last year, alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme's action-comedy Jean-Claude Van Johnson and the adaptation of Chris Kraus's book I Love Dick, starring Katherine Hahn and Kevin Bacon, from creator Jill Soloway (Transparent), and not long after, it was announced all three were officially headed to series.

Though its pilot was a bit iffy at times, The Tick stands a good chance at being one of Amazon's bigger hits, considering its comic book bona fides and stellar cast headed up by Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman and the Tick and Arthur, respectively. The show is now gearing up to begin production on season 1, but there'll be one significant change in how the show looks when it's finally set to stream: The Tick's costume. As it turns out, the big blue lead has seen his signature duds (and presumably the only article of clothing he owns) undergo a significant makeover in between shooting the pilot and getting the rest of the series underway. Take a look below:

Peter Serafinowicz in The Tick Amazon

The new image was shared on Twitter by the official The Tick account, showing Serafinowicz in a much more sleek, modern take on the costume. Gone is the texturing from the old suit that gave it a more biological feel, like it was something slightly alien and living – a part of the Tick. This new suit is more in keeping with the one worn by Warburton in that it lacks the texturing and seems to be a deeper blue color. But the show has kept the mask component, which, in addition to the person actually wear the suit, is the biggest difference between the two live-action versions of the show. The mask also hews closer to the character's original design, so it will be interesting to see whether or not fans are excited by this new sleeker look.

With production on The Tick just now getting underway, it's likely that the series won't be hitting screens until later this year. Until then, eager viewers will have to wait to see what the new suit looks like in action.

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The Tick season 1 is expected sometime in 2017.

Source: TheTickTV

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