The Tick Star Explains Ms. Lint's Powers

We interview The Tick star Yara Martinez about her experience filming the Amazon series and the powers of her character, Ms. Lint.

Yara Martinez has made a name for herself on the acting scene, having become known for her role as Kelly in Hollywood Heights and for her role as Dr. Luisa Alver on the CW’s Jane the Virgin. She is now playing Ms. Lint on Amazon’s The Tick.

Screen Rant got to talk with Martinez at San Diego Comic Con 2017, where we discussed this being her first Comic Con, what Ms. Lint’s powers were, and how comfortable the costumes were on The Tick.

So first of all let me talk to you about this being your first Comic Con. I am assuming this is your first Comic Con.

Yara Martinez: This is my first Comic Con.

Have you done The Tick Experience yet?

Yara Martinez: I have not done The Tick Experience yet. I am super excited to test it out. Plus I saw the porta potties with the antennas, which I am excited to use the porta potty?

It’s the first time you’ve ever been excited for a porta potty in your life probably. Next question I have for you is about Ms. Lint. Now what can you tell me about her powers?

Yara Martinez: Ms. Lint is electric, so she can shoot electricity and fry people like a pizza pocket. She can toast people entirely. But when her powers don’t work and they backfire, since she’s electric, all of the lint starts getting stuck on her. So there were days when my makeup was like, “More lint on Ms. Lint please.” And they were just covering me up with lint.

That sounds kind of amazing.

Yara Martinez: I couldn’t move much. It was kind of [makes face].

Well speaking of movement, how comfortable are some of these costumes? Everything I’ve seen looks super impressive on the show.

Yara Martinez: I actually had the easiest costume. I only had a contact and a suit. All of the men actually had the major makeup and it’s like the first time I’ve ever been on a show where men have it harder than the women. I am like, “Ow. My heels. My eye.” and they are sweating in these huge suits.

Out of the interactions you are going to have with a lot of these characters, who would you say Ms. Lint shares the screen with the most?

Yara Martinez: Jackie. The Terror.

Of course. The Terror.

Yara Martinez: I don’t know if that was a spoiler. I don’t know if I should have said - whatever!

Eh. Sorry. Spoiler alert! How was it working alongside this cast because this is a satire on a comic book, so how was the mood on set?

Yara Martinez: It’s great. I mean, honestly, we are all struggling with our costumes. We have a lot of eye contacts that have to go in and out, but it’s great. Everyone in the cast is just amazing. It’s really lovely. I’m actually really excited to get to be here to hang out with them because we didn’t get to hang out too much while we were shooting, so it’s really nice to be here with them.

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The Tick premieres on Amazon August 25, 2017.

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