Thundercats Movie Not Happening?

The last time we posted about the gestating Thundercats movie it was to reveal some early concept art for it, which (especially if you're a fan of the original cartoon) looked pretty badass. But apart from some concept images, there wasn't any real movement on Thundercats, and in fact there was word of it being delayed or even "shelved."

But with the success of movies based on '80s cartoon/toy franchises like Transformers and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, it seems like a no-brainer that the studio would be doing everything they could to get Thundercats into theaters ASAP... right? Well, you'd figure, but Collider is now reporting that the movie is no longer happening, at least not at Warner Bros., where it has resided since 2007.

Now Collider doesn't give anymore details than the fact they have spoken to "a few reliable sources" who say Thundercats is no longer on the way from the studio we know as WB. I don't know if that means the movie is not happening AT ALL, or whether WB isn't interested in making it anymore and will sell it to another studio whose enthusiasm is a little higher on the scale (there's a scale? :P ).

In case you don't know, Thundercats was set up in 2007 by WB as a CGI-animated feature directed by video game art director Jerry O'Flaherty (Gears of War) from a script written by Paul Sopocy (It's Alive). It was going to be an origin story of sorts, focusing on Lion-O becoming the leader of the Thundercats and, of course, battling with the classic villain from the cartoon, Mumm-Ra.

However, as stated, those who are looking forward to seeing Thundercats up on the big-screen will have to wait a while longer at least until it lands at another studio, or, worse case scenario, we may never see it. I use the word "may" as it seems very unlikely given the proven success of bringing out modern-day bid-budget movies based on well-known '80s properties. If this "not happening" news turns out to be true, I'm betting it just means that the film isn't happening at WB and not that it's off for good.

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, Ho!

As with most '80s properties, there's equal potential for Thundercats to suck and for it to be awesome. The fact that it was being developed for CGI kind of sets my mind to rest more than if it had been live-action (that would have looked RE-diculous). If the project ever gets made, could we see the stunning technology James Cameron used to bring the blue Na'Vi to life in Avatar employed for Thundercats (kudos to fellow Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes for bringing that up behind-the-scenes)?


Thoughts on the Thundercats movie possibly no longer happening? Are you excited to see the cartoon be brought to life on the big-screen or should it remain just as it is? And would you be up for seeing the movie be done using the revolutionary technology employed in Avatar?

Source: Collider

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