Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2 Premieres on Amazon Nov 4th

Thunderbirds Are Go Season

In 2015, Amazon debuted Thunderbirds Are Go, a reboot of the classic British supermarionation series Thunderbirds. The re-imagined and updated series follows the same basic premise as the original, but replaces the original marionettes with animation and CGI for a much smoother look for new viewers. The show still follows the Tracy brothers and their secret organization, International Rescue, as they save the day from a new threat every week. While there are a few new faces added to the series, it is a fantastic reboot of the original that keeps all of the charm (and none of the clunky puppetry). This month, the Tracy brothers (and their friends and gadgets) return to Amazon for season 2, and from the trailers and artwork, it looks like another sure-fire success!

Season 2 picks up where the first season left off, as the Tracy brothers continue to fight evil and their arch-nemesis The Hood (Andres Williams). Rosamund Pike returns as Lady Penelope, alongside David Graham, one of the original Thunderbirds cast members who returns as Parker in this new adventure. As well as seeing the crew of International Rescue and their fantastic rescue ships (the Thunderbirds), this season also promises some exciting new revelations -- including Kayo's (Angel Coulby) connection to The Hood himself.

The trailers give viewers a sneak peek at the new season (as well as the adorable 'kids trailer' which shows why the series is so popular with young viewers), while some new series art reveals IR and friends in all their glory.

Thunderbirds Are GO Key Art Season 2

Produced by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures with Weta Workshop, the second season of Thunderbirds Are Go will be available on Amazon Video for Amazon Prime members starting on  November the 4. The entire first season is also available to stream, so Prime members who missed out on that last year have the opportunity to catch up. The series is also available on Amazon Free Time Unlimited, the subscription service for kids.

Fans of the first season will love the return of all their favorite characters, as well as the fantastic balance of nostalgia and new adventures that wowed in season 1. It looks like season 2 will start to get a little more complex now that we have got to know that characters a little better, especially with Kayo's new storyline. Longtime fans can look forward to more references to the original series, including the iconic retractable pool and the classic Thunderbirds look, making this a perfect way to introduce a new generation to the '60s classic.

However, fans who were less than thrilled with some of the changes made in this revamped version may be disappointed that no major alterations will be made for season 2. This shouldn't come as a surprise, of course, as the biggest changes (like the gender-swap of Kayo or the switch from supermarionation to CGI) are central to the revamping of the series. While we love the original, it has to be said that Thunderbirds didn't age well -- the puppetry is forgivable, but the "Malaysian manservant" character and overwhelmingly white male cast were more than due for an update. Thunderbirds Are Go manages to keep the spirit of the original alive while clearing out some outdated elements, and can't wait to see what season 2 brings for the Tracys.

Thunderbirds Are Go returns to Amazon Prime's streaming services November 4.

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