'Three Stooges' Trailer: Madcap Slapstick, Nuns In Bikinis, & Snooki

three stooges farrelly brothers movie trailer

Filmmakers Bobby and Peter Farrelly has worked well over a decade to realize their dream project: The Three Stooges, a modernized adaptation of the classic comedy series that revolves around dim-witted siblings Moe, Larry, and Curly. In 2012, the world will at last get to see the Dumb and Dumber filmmakers' "vision," with actors Chris Diamantopoulos (American Dad!), Sean Hayes (Will & Grace), and Will Sasso (MADtv) bringing the trio to life.

An official trailer for the Farellys' Three Stooges movie has been unveiled - and true to the brothers' word, it features all the non-stop slapstick physical comedy gags and cartoony sound effects that the Stooges are famous for.

Here is a semi-official plot synopsis for the Farrellys' Three Stooges:

The film will follow Larry (Hayes), Moe (Diamantopoulos) and Curly (Sasso) as they try to save their childhood home, but accidentally become involved in a murder plot and in a modern-day twist will end up starring in a reality TV show.

Now check out the official Three Stooges teaser trailer below (Courtesy of iTunes):



Most everyone is familiar with the Farrellys for their raunchy, adults-only brand of comedy (recent examples include Hall Pass and The Heartbreak Kid). However, The Three Stooges looks to be one of their rare semi-family-friendly offerings (outside of Osmosis Jones). That is, assuming that most parents will be okay with their kids watching grown men hit each other with hammers, ogle sexy nuns in kinky swimwear, have their genitals attacked by an angry lobster, and interact with the cast of Jersey Shore.

There's good reason to wonder just how successful the Farrellys' iteration of The Three Stooges is going to be at the box office; a lot of moviegoers might simply find the film's brand of physical comedy and old-fashioned humor to be (for lack of a better description) too outdated for their tastes.

Judging by this early Three Stooges footage, it's probably not going to help that the comedic set pieces and gags in the film don't seem to be all that inspired or effective. Obviously, that might not prove to be the case in the actual movie, but the Farrellys' weak track record in recent years doesn't bode well in that regard...


The Three Stooges is slated for theatrical release in the U.S. on April 13th, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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