Will Sasso Up for 'Three Stooges' Role (Again)

Will Sasso, star of $#*! My Dad Says, is back in contention for a lead role in the Farrelly brothers' long-gestating Three Stooges film. Of course, the actor may not have been out of contention in the first place.

It's hard to know what's going on with The Three Stooges these days. In the last two weeks, we've had plenty of false alarms in regards to casting, including conflicting stories about Johnny Knoxville's involvement in the film (he was allegedly close to getting the role of Moe, then we learned he was never in contention for the part).

Sasso was one of the names floated for the role of Curly in a report last month, but now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the former MADTv actor is being considered for all of the Stooges. If Sasso is cast in any of the three lead roles, perhaps that would be the jolt this project needs to finally get off the ground. (I'd rather not touch the news that Cher is interested in being the movie.)

Farrelly Brothers Three Stooges Movie

Like the Farrelly brothers, I'm a huge Stooges fan, but it's kind of hard to sustain any interest in this film with so many rumors and conflicting reports circling it. For instance, The Hollywood Reporter writes, "insiders stressed that no deal is in place." It just sounds like a way for these "insiders" to cover their bases when some new information emerges.

Of course, one thing that we often neglect in the blogosphere is that making a movie is hard work. There are a ton of factors that can set a movie back and Three Stooges ran into a bunch of them (not the least of which was MGM's long bankruptcy saga). This is supposed to be a passion project for the Farrelly brothers, and I'm sure that nobody is more disappointed than they are that this movie hasn't moved forward.

We'll keep an eye on news about The Three Stooges and let you know as soon as someone (anyone) is cast in the movie.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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