Three More Join 'Let Me In' Cast As Shooting Begins

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Whether fans of the original Swedish language film Let The Right One In like it or not, the American remake, entitled Let Me In, is firmly going ahead, with filming already started a couple of days ago in New Mexico. But just as that news appeared, another piece surfaced that three more actors have joined the cast: Elias Koteas (playing a policeman), Cara Bruono (playing the main character's mother) and Sasha Barrese (playing a character called "Virginia"). They join the previously announced Kodi-Smit McPhee, Chloe Moritz, and Richard Jenkins.

The basic synopsis for Let Me In is as follows: "In the haunting and provocative Let Me In, an alienated 12-year-old boy (Smit-McPhee) befriends a mysterious young newcomer (Moretz) in his small New Mexico town and discovers an unconventional path to adulthood." It's based on the original book "Lat den Ratte Komma In" by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist, which was turned into the fantastic Swedish language film, Let The Right One In released last year. I know, the remakes are getting made quicker and quicker...

The cast they've assembled so far I have to admit is impressive, with particularly Jenkins (an extremely talented, Oscar-nominated character actor) and Koteas (who you'll recognize from movies all over the place) bringing some much needed legitimacy to it.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the majority of fans of the the original Let The Right One In are not happy that Hollywood is remaking it. But fear not, as from the filmmakers comes word that it's not a remake but rather a new adaptation of the book (I'm SURE they would still be making it if the original film hadn't have been made - sarcasm alert :P ). The press release reads:

"The filmmakers note that while the new film will pay respect to the original Swedish version, they intend to forge a unique identity for LET ME IN, placing it firmly in an American context."

And the President and CEO of Hammer Films, Simon Oakes, had this to say about the project:

“This project is very personal to Matt [Reeves - director] as it is to the many passionate fans of the original story... The brilliance of that story deserves to be seen by audiences on a wide scale and we are excited that the pieces are in place to make that a reality.”

There's that annoying and pesky "subtitle-phobia" rearing its head once again...

Even though I'm amongst those irritated they're remaking Let The Right One In (as much as they say it's not, to me it's still a remake at the end of the day), I must still admit I'm curious to see how they transfer it from a Swedish to an American context. And on top of that, as I've said many times before, much of the success of the film will fall to the feet of the two teenage leads, being played by The Road's Kodi-Smit McPhee and Kick-Ass' Chloe Moritz.

In the original, Kåre Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson played their parts so well, with a sweet and subtle dynamic allowing us to really invest in their relationship. Somehow I can't see this remake keeping all the nuances of the original but rather they'll play up some of the showier elements (read: dumbing it down).

I really don't think this will be the case but they really need to prove that remaking such a great film is truly warranted...

What do you think of the latest three cast members to be added to Let Me In, and the overall cast in general? Do you think a remake of Let The Right One In is warranted? Or should it be left well alone?

Let Me In is currently filming and is set for a release sometime in 2010.

Sources: Bloody-Disgusting and Collider

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